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6 Ways to Boost your Routers Wi-fi Speed Instantly

6 Ways to Boost your Routers Wi-fi Speed Instantly

6 Ways to Boost your Routers Wi-fi Speed Instantly : Having slow or faulty internet speed at home can be detrimental if you consistently work from home, play games online, or take online classes for school. Wi-Fi signal can essentially make or break your home internet experience if there is an issue with your wireless internet router signal. Speed, coverage, and capacity are 3 things to look at when assessing a better connection. However, if your Wi-Fi network isn’t performing up to your personal expectations there are several steps you’ll take before you replace your router with new router all at once.

In order to improve the speed of your modem you must know how to access it. If you are unsure of how to access your modem, click on this website: for extra assistance.

Here are some helpful steps below to increase your Wi-Fi speed:


#1. Place Router in an Open Area

Obstacles in the way of your router such as: walls, floors, ceilings, and electronic interference can negatively affect the overall connection and speed of your internet. There also can be wireless dead spots around your home you will need to be aware of and make sure the router is clear. Ideally, to get the best signal for your wireless router is to place it on the main floor of your house in an elevated spot. Make sure to keep it away from other electronic devices like microwaves, baby monitors, and cordless phones to prevent any interference.

#2. Limit Devices and Optimize Settings

Streaming movies, online games, and chat applications can take up more bandwidth and cause internet speed to work slower. To help improve signal strength in this step you can see if your router has a Quality of Service (QoS) setting that will help prioritize a work video conference call over downloading the latest online game. Although, most routers already have a built-in update process; you will want to make sure there are no pending updates or bug fixes that could be slowing the speed down.

Limit Devices and Optimize Settings

#3. Updating Wi-Fi Security

It is also important to help tighten up your home network security to ensure that no other individuals have access to your Wi-Fi network. This can be as simple as making sure your password is complex and not easily guessed by intruders. Keep your network secure so that only users inside the household can connect and that outside devices are not using up your bandwidth.

#4. Angle Wi-Fi Antennae Up and One to the Side

Not every router will have an antenna but if this is often the case you’ll angle to assist the Wi-Fi signal travel straight through walls to assist with strength.Signals will spread out perpendicular to your router and by angling one antenna vertical and the other horizontal so that there is coverage throughout your home.

boost your routers

#5. Add an Internet Extender

Adding an internet extender can help to boost internet speed and signal to other rooms in your house that are further away from the router. This option does require re-wiring and can be more complex than adding a wireless repeater to your home. An Internet extender will help to limit bandwidth and help provide more signals to other devices.

#6. Choose a new Wi-Fi Channel

One other step you can take is by switching your router from a standard 2.4 GHz channel to a 5 GHz to get more speed. 2.4 GHz only offers 14 channels while 5 GHz will have 23 non-overlapping channels to minimize the number of users on your frequency. This will create less interference overall and boost internet speeds.

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