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Five Essential Things for Network Development

Five Essential Things for Network Development

Essential Things for Network Development – If you intend to join the world of information technology or are already taking the first steps in this direction, then it is useful for you to know what skills and abilities a novice programmer should have. Today, almost everyone has the opportunity to use information. What does a beginner need to know to ensure a successful IT future?

This list is far from complete, but having knowledge of all points, information can be a great start for every young net development.

Algorithms and data structuring

You need to have a clear understanding of data structuring and algorithms – this is the basis. This topic can be attributed to the most common in interviews for technicians. Without basic knowledge of these structures (arrays, linked lists, stacks, etc.), it is impossible to create a real application. This dictates the need for every novice programmer to make some effort to learn the basics of data structure and the basic algorithm.

If you are learning programming on your own, do not ignore this topic. It is the basis studied in the first place.

Source code management process

This parameter is relevant when you need to achieve better code-related work. Your priority can be considered the desire to become a great programmer. But you should have a rudimentary knowledge of version control tools like Git and SVN.

Since Git and Github have helped in the active development of this concept, at the moment about 70% of organizations use Git. Therefore, you can start studying the designated topic directly from Git.

To be productive, you will need to understand deep concepts like branching and merging. In addition, you need to understand how to work with the tool itself, using the command line or GUI for this. The GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub is a great tool for any newbie.

Source code management process - Essential Things for Network Development

Text editors

Today there is a wide range of different test editors. There are also highly advanced versions, including Sublime and NotePad ++, which provide functionality identical to the IDE.

For the most efficient work with the test. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Integrated development environment

IDE stands for Modern Integrated Development Environment, which is an essential tool for every developer. For those who use C, C ++ and C # languages in their work, there is no need to choose – Visual Studio. And for those who specialize in Python, experts advise Jupiter Notebook – this IDE is gaining more and more functionality.

Databases and SQL

SQL is the backbone of the basics. With databases in common use, programmers need to be familiar with basic database concepts like normalizing and designing tables with SQL.

There are a large number of different databases, but rational use of one of them is enough for productive work. You should be able to insert, update and delete data. You also need to know how to send SQL queries to get them.

To gain a competitive edge and supplement your knowledge, you can always take advantage of special courses. For example, The Complete SQL BootCamp.

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