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7 Best free & paid WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Try
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7 Best free & paid WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Try

Best free & paid WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Try – We assume you already have an excellent idea about WordPress and its dominance.

However, the job does not end when you hire a WordPress expert and launch a site.

After a year or three of hard work and expansion, you will probably end up with not one but several sites. They can be sub-domains or different domains depending on your business strategy.

A good example is someone running more than one ecommerce store catering to different market segments—clothes, flowers, etc. After you have vendors and logistics figured out, there is no need to restrict yourself to one product line.

Would it not be better to manage it all from one window?

What are WordPress Multisite Plugins?

Let’s take the above example forward.

Most probably the sites selling flowers and clothes will share the same email plugin. After all, why use MailChimp for one and Constant Contact for another. It needlessly complicates chores and requires you to learn one more interface.

That is why WordPress Multisite Plugins have become popular. All the subdomains/domains can be controlled from a single dashboard.

The process is efficient since all the sites share the same database. Essentially, various sites run on a unified backend.

Moreover, instead of buying an individual hosting plan for each business, you could buy a plan that allows ten sites linked to the same account. It is cheaper to buy a multi-site plan from the hosting provider and you get access to premium customer care since you are on a plan that pays more.

Top WordPress Multisite Plugins you cannot do without

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights - Best free & paid WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Try

It is the perfect Google Analytics plugin for a WordPress site. Their site claims 3 million installs making it one of the best WordPress multisite plugins.

That is nothing to be sniffed at. Inserting tracking without an expert saves you the cost of hiring a full stack WordPress developer.


  • Universal analytics tracking and managing multiple campaigns from a single interface.
  • Easy to set up with no code required. One-click install of Analytics on every page.
  • Actionable insights presented inside the WordPress dashboard.
  • Real-time tracking of visitors gives you a peek into user behaviour as never before.
  • Fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Track affiliate links and Google Ads click-through with minimum effort.
  • Audience Report shows visitors segmented by country, interest in products, purchases, and time spent.


All in One SEO was one of the first SEO plugins to be launched back in 2007. Now it is used by millions of sites. Its mission is to eliminate confusion and make everything related to SEO doable in-house. AIOSEO has tons of features and we list the most essential and groundbreaking.


  • It can analyze SEO issues in less than an hour. You receive a comprehensive report that details all the flaws you need to correct.
  • Can create meta and descriptions by scouring the page content. The plugin can insert tags automatically.
  • Automated Image SEO helps add alt-tags to images. AIOSEO also compresses images to make the page load faster.
  • Can implement rich snippets schema without requiring a developer. Rich snippets are tiles on Google search pages that boost rank and drive traffic.

3. InfiniteWP

It is free network management software that lets you manage multiple WordPress sites.

InfiniteWP is an automated webmaster. It can look after multiple sites and lets you make global changes to their settings. It is extremely helpful if you are running your own server.


  • Update themes and plugins on multiple sites with one click.
  • Backup and restore multiple sites with minimum effort.
  • Access to all WP admin panels through one dashboard.
  • Measure uptime, manage traffic with minimum fuss.
  • Make your site more secure through a unified firewall and malware protection.

4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster - Best free & paid WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Try

Whether you are running a blog or an online store, you need to know more about your visitors. Hire a dedicated WordPress developer and ask him to install OptinMonster.

This allows you to generate content and host product lines that are relevant. In other words, you need to know them to keep it interesting. Pop-up forms are the best way to get visitors to provide their name, location, and email address. OptinMonster makes it easy as apple pie.


  • Lightbox pop-ups that let you cross-sell, and upsell across WooCommerce stores. easily expand the mailing list and offer discounts for sign-ups.
  • Floating pop-ups that deliver sticky messages. useful for sales countdown timers and shipping notices.
  • Slide pop-ups that slide out from the edge to offer new products and ebooks. A bigger banner area means more information and publicity.
  • Content Locker to turn specific pages into gated content. Can also be used to let the audience read the top paragraph and freeze the rest.

4. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

A free tool that lets you manage contacts and campaigns across multiple sites, the HubSpot WordPress plugin is highly recommended.

It connects to HubSpot CRM and allows you to manage contacts, forms, and live chat without breaking a sweat.


  • Create perfectly written newsletters and generate interest in the content. The plugin lets you have access to over 20 templates.
  • Send automated emails in response to live chats and sales. Click through rate of emails is logged automatically so you understand what works best.
  • Add live chatbots and make the site responsive 24×7 without humans in the loop.
  • Integrated analytics that track marketing campaigns and reduce spending on useless avenues.

5. User Role Editor

WordPress has six preset roles—Super Admin, Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

This makes it possible to allow greater access for a select few. For example, an author can create a post and publish it, whereas a contributor has to wait for approval. An editor can manage, remove, and edit everyone’s posts, and the admin can change website settings.

User Role Editor allows you to duplicate it across multiple sites from one plugin.


  • Block access to parts of the website by user role. For example, no need for your intern to access traffic analytics.
  • Display shortcut widgets at the front end for a selected few. This makes the task of admin and editors easier.
  • Hide parts of the menu from those not logged in.
  • Manage access to editing and publishing rights of posts, pages, and tags.

7. WP Activity Log

What do visitors do on your site? Are they bouncing away from landing pages? Do they explore suggested products? How many clicks on internal linking on blog posts?

WP Activity Log is an excellent monitoring tool that is lightweight and low cost.


  • Grow sales by optimizing suggested products.
  • Make internal and external links more relevant.
  • Track user activity—login/log out and terminated sessions.
  • Track updates to plugins and pages.
  • Sends SMS and emails for important events.
  • Export logs off site for safekeeping.
  • Easy to perform a website audit and prevent unwanted alterations.

Final Words

As a site owner, you have to keep an eye on what happens to your digital property. If you install a few of these, it would make your multi-site management a lot easier.

Most of them are premium and would add to your overhead. That is why it is essential to employ a WordPress expert who knows which would be most effective.

Uplers Talent Connect offers you the best remote workforce to develop your WordPress site. No need to take a lengthy interview and verify resumes when you hire a WordPress expert. The solutions they offer are ready to deploy and make your job as an entrepreneur much lighter.

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