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4 Reasons Why the World is Switching to Lithium Batteries

4 Reasons Why the World is Switching to Lithium Batteries

Reasons Why the World is Switching to Lithium Batteries – Innovation can never come to a standstill. Consequently, we have a vast number of innovative technologies to make our lives easier. One such technology is a lithium battery. Though the origins of lithium batteries date back to the early 90s, it is being commercialized and widely used all around the world, in the recent times.

Be it in industrial operations or the gadget industry, lithium batteries have taken the world by storm. Being primarily used in gadgets such as smartphones, and automobiles, the application of lithium batteries has spread across categories.

The fact that lithium batteries have become the go-to option is because they come with many advantages. Here are a few advantages

1. Lithium Batteries Have Significant Contribution in Increasing Production

Whether it is a business or an industrial unit, high productivity rate is always the goal. Lithium-ion batteries have contributed significantly to increasing production, be it directly or indirectly.

In commercial establishments, energy requirements are efficiently fulfilled by electrical solutions that require lithium batteries for operation, thereby providing a comfortable working environment that adds to productivity. As for industrial establishments, inverter batteries have facilitated smooth operation of machines required to maintain productivity.

2. Lithium Batteries Have Led to Decline in Prices

Lithium batteries might come with a hefty price tag, but it doesn’t change the fact that it has contributed significantly when it comes to slashing down prices, if not directly, then indirectly.

Taking the last decade as an example, a tremendous increase in lithium battery production has consequently led to an 85% decline in prices, and cost of production.

For the first time ever, energy storage has become commercially viable, thanks to lithium batteries.

As lithium batteries are highly efficient, come with 3x longer lifespan, and barely require any maintenance, these types of batteries are a long-term investment with no costs involved in between.

3. Lithium Batteries are Reducing our Dependence on Fossil Fuels

As the climate crisis is becoming worse batteries are playing a crucial role in switching to a renewable energy fueled world. Wind and solar energy are playing a pivotal role in power generation, however without effective energy storage techniques, non-renewable sources of energy like natural gas and coal are resorted to.

Consequently, large-scale storage is crucial if the goal is to move away from a world that depends on fossil fuel for power generation. With innovative power backup solutions, such as lithium batteries, this dependence can and has decreased significantly.

4. Lithium Batteries are Efficiency Driven

Whether you are a consumer, or an industrial unit, high efficiency would always be a feature that would excite you. When compared to other types of inverter batteries, lithium batteries are highly efficient. The reason for this high efficiency is because lithium batteries have a high-power density. A high-power density is directly proportional to energy storage capabilities. In other words, higher the energy density, higher will be the storage capabilities of the lithium batteries.

The Final Word

It has now been well established that lithium batteries are the future. So, if you are driven by this futuristic approach, welcome lithium batteries into your lives now.

In fact, if you are at it, make it a rule to buy your lithium batteries from the right place. Always make it a goal to go for reputable brands that guarantee quality and customer satisfaction. Luminous is one such brand. It is number 1 when it comes to providing top-notch power solutions.

Luminous’ Li-ON 1205 will put an end to your search for lithium batteries. This inverter-battery combination is the next-gen power solution providing a plethora of innovative features. These include 3X longer life, 3X faster charging capabilities and a design that includes an in-built battery.

In a nutshell, you’re only choosing the best when you are choosing Luminous Li-ON 1205 inverter battery combination.


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