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Wire Stripping Machine Write for Us, Contribute, Guest post

wire stripping machine write for us

Wire Stripping Machine Write for Us

A wire stripping machine is an automated tool that efficiently removes the plastic, rubber, or other insulating material from the ends of electric wires and cables. Stripping wire by hand with a utility knife or strippers can be tedious and inconsistent work. A stripping machine speeds up the process while providing precise, accurate strippings. Different devices exist for various wire gauges and jacket styles.

Most operate by feeding the sheathed wire into the machine where rotating blades or cutters strip a set length of insulation away. Quality machines allow adjusting the strip length for different jobs and precisely stripping multiple wire ends simultaneously. Stripping tools integrated into the machines cut insulation without nicking underlying conductors. Wire stripping machines minimize human error, promoting safety by reducing accidental cuts. They are a worthwhile investment for electrical contractors or manufacturing plants performing large volumes of terminations and connections during new installations or repairs.

How Wire Stripping Machines Work?

Wire stripping machines strip insulation from electrical wire, leaving just the exposed copper or other conductive core. It prepares the wire for termination or connections. There are both manual and automatic wire stripping machines. Manual ones require an operator to feed the wire through, while automatic models provide wire continuously. The wire is fed through an opening or port on the machine. Sensors detect the wire diameter to select the proper blade cartridge or stripper head configuration.

Inside the machine is one or more sharp blades arranged in a circular formation resembling a drill bit. As the wire passes, the blades come into contact with the insulation. The blades rotate and advance, shaving or cutting away the insulation as the wire is pulled through. Some designs cut on the pull stroke, and others on the push. Adjustable wheels, cams, or depth plates ensure the blades are cut to the proper depth to remove the insulation without nicking the conductor.

Stripped wire emerges on the other side, leaving a consistent amount of bare wire perfectly exposed along the length, ready for termination. Automatic models index wire continuously. Manual units require reloading but simplify the stripping process for electricians.

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