There is no doubt that the speed of the Internet is something that worries users a lot when it comes to hiring a connection at home. This is essential for surfing the net, and we always want the quality to be optimal. Now, it has to take into account that there is the download speed and also the upload speed. The latter sometimes goes a little unnoticed. Sometimes we have a symmetrical connection in which both speeds are the same, but in many cases, this is not the case. In this article(blog), we are going to explain the importance of upload speed and talk about in which situations it is important.

Upload Speed is of Great Importance

It is something that sometimes goes a little unnoticed, as we mentioned. When conducting an Internet speed test, many users focus solely on the download. This makes them not see what upload speed they have and if it is what they should be.

Sometimes our Internet operator offers us the possibility of having symmetrical fiber optics. This means that we have the same download capacity as upload capacity. That is why it is convenient to keep in mind the importance of the latter to opt for it or not, depending on whether it interests us. Sometimes there is a price difference, and some users choose not to request it, believing that they will not use it.

The reality is that [upload speed] is also a very important factor when surfing the web. We will require a good connection in this regard on numerous occasions. Perhaps it is not something that is as present in our day to day as the descent, but it will certainly be essential to have a good connection in this regard.

In What Situations is the Upload Speed Vital

We will explain in which situations we will need to have a good upload speed. Some times when it will be essential to have symmetrical fiber optics, and that can be very useful.

We are going to focus on the most visible examples that are part of the daily life of users. However, we can say that there are more times when we will need a good upload speed.

Upload Files to the Network

Without a doubt, the best example is when uploading files to the network. It is right there when we will need more Internet speed. For example, if we are going to upload files to the cloud, share documents on different platforms, upload a video to YouTube, etc.

At this time, it seems necessary to have a good upload speed. Although we have the best download speed, if our upload is not acceptable, we will have many problems uploading files to the network.

Therefore, one of the first and perhaps most important examples is when uploading files to the Internet, for example, uploading photo folders to Google Drive or some similar cloud storage platform.

Make a Video Call or Stream Video

It will also be important when making a video call or streaming a video. Here we are emitting a signal, logically. We need both download speed (receive the image of the other person) and upload speed (send our image).

If our upload speed is very limited, we will have problems when broadcasting live video either by video call or on streaming platforms. It is another of the occasions in which we are going to need to have a good connection.

Send Content Via Social Networks or Instant Messaging

Surely on some occasions, we have found the need to attach a file by email, send a large document by instant messaging or social networks. Here the upload speed is again essential.

If our upload speed is not adequate, we may have problems when sending files of all kinds. It is hence advisable to opt for a symmetrical connection if we are going to need to send many files constantly.

Online Games

When playing online, not only the download speed matters but also the upload speed and the ping or latency. Therefore it is another of the moments in which the upload speed is going to play a fundamental role for the users.

Create Backups

Creating backups is something that can be very interesting to protect our security. We are making copies of our files and programs to avoid data loss.

The point is that these online backups are going to require a good connection. After all, we are uploading large files to the network. Therefore, the upload speed on these occasions will also be vital.

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