Why do People Flee From Car Accidents? – The staggering numbers of hit and run accidents likely leaves many people wondering why people flee from car accidents. There are a variety of reasons why drivers leave the scene of a motor vehicle accident. These hit and run accidents often leave people in other vehicles with injuries, and perhaps even the victims of a fatal hit and run car accident.

Did you or your loved one become involved in a motor vehicle accident where the other driver decided to flee the scene, in violation of the laws in the State of New York? Contacting experienced hit and run lawyers can potentially help you or your loved one obtain the compensation deserved after experiencing injuries or death caused by someone who decided to flee the scene of the accident.

What Do New York Statutes Say about Fleeing from Car Accidents?

The State of New York requires that all drivers that are involved in an accident stay at the scene of the accident, provide their identification and insurance information to the injured party or to the police officer that is called to the scene to investigate the accident. The VAT Chapter 71, Title 6, Article 22, Section 600 (2) provides the details of laws related to leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it. All persons driving in New York that “are operating a motor vehicle who, knowing or having cause to know that personal injury has been caused to another person, due to an incident involving the motor vehicle operated by such person shall, before leaving the place where the said personal injury occurred,” stop and exhibit their driver’s license and insurance information to the injured party or to the police officer who responded to the scene.

There are other rules of law related to the actions required of any individual that is involved in any car accident or other motor vehicle accident that results in damage to property or injuries to other people. Some people decide not to stay at the scene when they are involved in a car crash. Why do they flee from the scene?

The Reasons that Some People Flee from Car Accidents

The reasons that people flee from a car accident scene depend on a number of factors. Some people likely decided to flee from the scene strictly out of fear. The shock of hitting another vehicle or hitting a pedestrian allegedly caused a panic, which resulted in them leaving the scene of the crash.

Another reason that leads to some people being involved in a hit-and-run accident is if they have alcohol or other drugs in their system. The penalties for driving under the influence can be severe, especially if the driver has a past history of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some drivers flee because they have drugs in their car that they are transporting to another location, such as in the case of a drug dealer or carrier.

Some people that have a warrant for their arrest are likely not going to stay at the scene. They decide to flee from a car accident because they think that fleeing will help them avoid arrest. Experienced attorneys that represent clients who experience injuries caused by drivers that flee the scene help their clients throughout the legal process and bring the case to the ideal outcome for the injured parties.

Some people drive a car or other vehicle without complying with laws that require them to drive with proper insurance coverage. Fleeing the scene of an accident may seem like a good idea at the time. The fact is that they are often quickly tracked down, and then face the consequences of driving a car without insurance, violating traffic laws that caused the car crash, and for violating statutes that require them to stay at the scene of an accident.

People that flee the scene of an accident are not always criminals or drunk drivers. They are young and older, rich and poor, students or working-class citizens or retired individuals. No matter who they are, attorneys have a variety of ways to track them down and to help make sure that their clients get the full compensation that they are due for their injuries, or for the death of their loved one.

Getting Compensation if You Are the Victim of a Hit and Run Driver

The number of hit and run drivers has increased in recent years, with AAA reporting on statistics that indicate a hit and run vehicle crash occurs somewhere in the country every 43 seconds. Although many hit and run drivers are located, sometimes they are not located by law enforcement officials. That does not mean that you cannot recover compensation.

Trust in lawyers that have experience with fighting for their clients to receive a fair settlement, or to take the case to the courts if it is required for a client to receive the best outcome in the case. We do our best to make sure that identified drivers pay you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

We also fight for clients who were victims of unidentified hit and run drivers. Learn more about why drivers flee a crash scene and how to get compensation for your damages and injuries, or compensation due to you after the death of your immediate family member who was involved in a hit and run crash.