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What Type of Web Hosting is Best for my Business?

What Type of Web Hosting is Best for my Business?

There is no doubt that the Internet has become a fundamental tool to achieve the success of any business. We are millions of people who every day access the network from our computer, smartphone, or other electronic devices. To visit those pages that are of interest to us or electronic stores where we can buy what we need. All these online tools need a hosting service to be online 24 hours a day. However, there are several types of accommodation, each with its own characteristics. Until the advent of cloud computing, shared hosting and dedicated servers were the most popular services. The question is, which of these three types is the best to our business?

Shared Server

A shared server is a machine where services from different clients are located. Sharing all the resources offered by that machine (storage, processing capacity, and memory). In this way, if a client causes a problem, it will affect the rest. As it is a shared server, clients have to adapt to the characteristics of the machine, not being able to change its configuration and also not installing any type of software.

Its main advantage is its low price. By offering services to many clients on the same server, costs per unit of computing are reduce. Due to this, it is usually an excellent option to host those websites that do not require many requirements, such as small companies or individuals. Many opt for this option when they launch their business, for the first time, online.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server is a physical machine that is contracted for a certain period of time. And that is used exclusively by a single client. Thanks to this, the client will have complete control over the server resources. Such as hardware (CPU, RAM, disk usage), network (transfer and bandwidth), and server software (operating system, services, libraries, control panel like Cpanel, web server).

Talking about dedicated servers is talking about privacy and security, but in exchange, its price is much higher than in the previous case. It is also important to have knowledge of the administration of operating systems to be able to manage the machine. If this is not the case, you can always hire the administration services available by the hosting companies, or install a control panel. Although in this case part of the customization of the machine is lost. Since you have to adapt to the characteristics of that panel.

They are usually perfect for tools that need a lot of resources. As well as a large amount of storage space.

Cloud Server

Cloud servers can define as a set of virtual hardware (storage, processor, memory.). That is made available to customers as if it were a dedicated server. But with the advantage of being a cheaper service than dedicated ones.

Like the dedicated servers. All the resources of the cloud server are exclusive, not being shared with any other client. One of its major advantages is its scalability. The server can be resize in resources before the increase or decrease of the platform requirements. Both the expansion and the reduction of these resources is transparent to the client. Without the need to stop the machine from carrying it out. Another great advantage is that you pay at all times for the resources use, thanks to the resizing flexibility they offer.

They are the perfect accommodations for those services that can have a growth forecast, that have a large consumption of resources, projects that need large flexible storage capacity or specific projects over time with high demand for resources.

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