Maintaining good Internet speed is important for users today. As we know, we can navigate through multiple devices and also connect through wifi or wired networks. Over time, technology has advanced and improved, but sometimes we continue to have problems with network speed. In this article, we are going to talk about what actions can cause Internet speed to drop dramatically.

Why Internet Speed ​​Can Drop Dramatically

When we surf the Internet, we can make use of many platforms and services. Not everything we do on the Internet is going to require the same requirements. That is to say. We can be surfing the network quietly with a speed that does not exceed 5 Mbps, but in its place, certain actions may not be possible if we do not have at least 20 Mbps.

This means that certain actions we take can cause the Internet speed to drop dramatically. This may affect the proper functioning of specific devices and the browsing of other users. We already know that the resources of a network are limited.

We must bear in mind that all these actions that we are going to mention can lower the speed of the Internet, depending on the connection that we have. It is not the same to be connected by wifi to a weak network than to be browsing from a very powerful network through cable.

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Internet Download

Without a doubt, downloading from the Internet is a classic that can make our Internet speed drop dramatically. Let’s say that we are using a computer to browse, watch some series online, or any other action. Still, suddenly from another computer connected to that network, we download a Linux distribution, for example.

This will also affect more or less depending on the server from which we download. In case the maximum speed of our connection can be used, we can see how it can lead to significant instability.

Playing Streaming Videos

Something similar can happen when watching streaming videos. This can significantly affect the speed of our connection if we play a video of high quality, such as 4K.

Again we are facing a possibility that depends fundamentally on our Internet speed. In case our connection is limited, and suddenly from a device, we start to watch a video on Streaming in the highest quality we could have Internet speed problems.

Use Multiple Devices

Another reason that our internet speed drops rapidly is that we use many devices at the same time. Let’s take as an example that we are connected to a wifi network where the speed that reaches us is not very high, and the signal is weak. In case we connect multiple devices at the same time, it can generate essential speed problems.

It is logical to think that the more devices have connected to the same network, the more problems there will be to have acceptable stability and speed.

Synchronize Backups

It can also dramatically slow down our internet speed by syncing backups. This may mean that we upload a lot of data at once. This is what happens, for example, if we are going to create a backup of our mobile photos and videos folder with a cloud server.

It is another action that could ultimately make our Internet connection resentful. We must take into account the importance of making backup copies at precise times and not in situations where we may need our connection to be at its maximum capacity.

System Updates

On the other hand, a similar case to the previous one is when we update the system. This can occur on both mobile devices and computers. When updating the equipment, we can experience how the speed of the Internet is reduced.
We can download a lot of data at once. Normally, we download them from servers that will make the most of our connection. This means that we can see how the speed of the Internet drops dramatically. Therefore our advice is to think carefully about when we want to update the system and disable automatic updates if necessary.

In Conclusion, these are some actions that can cause our Internet speed to drop dramatically. There are many more causes that can affect our connection in one way or another. We have already mentioned that Internet speed is a significant factor for users, but the truth is that sometimes it can happen that this speed is not adequate. We must always keep this in mind.

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