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What Is Wallscape Advertising and Why Should You Use It?
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What Is Wallscape Advertising and Why Should You Use It?

What Is Wallscape Advertising and Why Should You Use It? – When you’re walking around a big city, your eyes are bound to catch various ads from different businesses. You’ll most likely see billboards or smaller ads on taxis. But one that will really catch your eyes is wallscape ads.

You can often find these advertisements in metropolitan areas. They stand out because of their size. Business owners are always looking for ways to increase visibility in their area. And a wallscape ad might be the answer. We’ll break down more about it below.

What Is Wallscape Advertising

What Is Wallscape Advertising?

Wallscape advertising is a marketing strategy that tends to have a significant impact. You could think about them as multiple billboards on top of one another; they typically cover several stories and will either be a mural, painting, or attached to the area with an adhesive.

Due to their size, they’re often visible from highways or other parts of a city. People are always looking around, whether walking or driving. So it’ll be easier to attract customers for your business.

How Do You Make Wallscapes?

As mentioned above, wallscapes can be painted or made with other materials that are attached directly to the building. But since buildings come in various shapes and sizes, there’s no one size fits all option. So there’s some serious planning that comes with using this advertisement style.

However, depending on your business, you can lean into the abstract building shape. For example, if you’re a tech-based company, your wallscape can showcase your “innovation” with an obscure picture involving the building. Furthermore, people are always curious about what the finished product of a wallscape ad will be, making it easier to attract customers once it’s finished.

What are the Benefits of Wallscape Advertising?

Wallscapes are ideal for heavily trafficked areas because of their size. So if you plan on using this strategy for your business, some benefits include:

  • Increased visibility: Daily commuters will see your wallscape, and you’ll be able to expand your reach to thousands of people.
  • Enhanced social media presence: When your wallscape advertisement makes a lasting impression, people will often share the image on social media, sparking a conversation about your business.
  • Less competition: Everyone has billboards, but not everyone has wallscape ads. Since commuters see various billboards daily, they’ll likely forget about them. Wallscapes, on the other hand, don’t have as much competition because of limited places around the city, making it easier for your business to stand out.

What Impacts the Effectiveness of Wallscapes?

Although you may choose wallscape advertising as part of your marketing strategy, there’s still some work to be done. Yes, the building size and shape will have an impact, but you’ll also need to incorporate other elements to help it stand out, such as:

  • The color scheme: Using vivid colors can help the wallscape stand out in the skyline amongst other ads in the area. Think about what colors you want to be synonymous with your brand.
  • Ideal locations: Wallscapes can be excellent for cities, but you need to figure out the best area to advertise. For example, if your business was in Illinois, you could reach a city like Chicago with roughly 3 million people.
  • Your message: Colors and location contribute to the number of customers you appeal to. However, messaging is also important. You want to engage customers with a concise message. The wallscape has already done some work for you; it’s time to drive it home.

Is Wallscape Advertising Expensive?

Again, wallscape ads come in various shapes and sizes, so pricing can vary. While they typically cost more than billboards, the impact is far more significant because of the advertisement’s scale.

Another factor impacting pricing is the location. If your business is in a city like New York or Las Vegas, you may need to pay more than businesses in smaller towns. You’ll also need to factor in the ad length; wallscape campaigns tend to stay longer than billboards, but that will determine how much you’ll pay.

Think About Wallscape Advertising for Your Business

As you can see, wallscape advertising can be ideal for your business to increase its visibility. The sheer size of the ad makes it easier for people to find out more about your company. Furthermore, not many businesses will sue wallscape ads, meaning there’s less competition for you.

Before giving this strategy a try, figure out your budget. Also, what type of wallscape do you want to use; would a painting or material poster get your message across better? Fine-tuning these elements will make it easier for your company to expand its reach.

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