Indeed the word virtual means online, but in the case of a virtual address, it does not exist online. A virtual address is an actual physical address, which allows your business to run remotely. A virtual business address is also referred to as a virtual mailing address. In this service, clients can view and manage their postal mail online from any part of the world. Individuals who have set up their residential address for their business post mail can set up mail forwarding to their virtual business address. This will protect the privacy of their address and secure their business.

Can I use my virtual address for LLC?

Yes. An individual can list a virtual address for their LLC. The individuals who choose a virtual address for their operations can list the virtual address in their articles and other business platforms, legal documents, etc., which are needed to establish an LLC. The business owner or an organizer submits these documents. An organizer must follow the necessary steps to form his LLC and act as a mode of contact between the state and LLC until the formation.

The steps for setting up an LLC for a virtual address are the same as setting up for a physical address. The process for both methods is easy, fast, and efficient. Moreover, it provides several benefits to your business. The initial step of setting up an LLC is filling out the rules and articles of organization in your state. When filing the articles of organizations, you need to include the address of your business on it.

In most cases, you can use a virtual office address as your business address on your article of organization. Moreover, most states do not allow you to use a P.O box for your office address. They will appear as a fixed street address on your incorporation documents.

Why should I use my virtual address for LLC?

A virtual business address is a beneficial service when you are a small business owner. It will give your business a presence in states, cities, and other locations where you are not geologically present. This will allow you to expand your business and read and receive post emails from these addresses.

A virtual business address will work best for you if:

  • If you want to keep your actual address private or use a professional one for your business.
  • You are relocating and do not want to miss your postal mail.
  • You do not want to have a physical location in an area but are testing if that location fits your business needs or not.
  • You are a freelancer or a remote worker.

Here is a list of a virtual office can help you:

  • You can keep one address for all your postal mailing needs: enjoy the convenience of using a single street address, which you can share with your banks, customers, and investors.
  • Read your email from anywhere: All the paper email which is delivered to your virtual location is scanned safely and delivered to you through a safe portal. You can read and review those emails at your convenience.  All of these email and posts are provided to your in one business day.
  • Access to emails through a web browser: You do not have any special software or applications.  You access your email through any web browser, device, or desktop app with convenience. The best part is that all of your emails will be secure and encrypted.
  • You will get notified: Unlike your regular postal mail, you will get notified whenever there is a new mail. You do not have to worry about missing important correspondence. Instead, any time an email arrives, you will be notified.
  • Evaluate the professional image of your business:  A professional, commercial business address is more prestigious and trusted than a residential address. Therefore, it will enhance the appearance of your business. You can pick a sophisticated virtual address for your business, and that will make a significant impact on the overall image of your company.

Why should you not use your personal address for LLC?

The address that you will be using for your businesses will be published as your official mailing address. All your postal mails will be directed towards the address that you share for your business. Therefore, if you share your personal address, you are risking the security of your home. A business address must be open to the public and potential customers. Moreover, using your residential address does not project a professional image of your business. Your customers who are looking up for your services will notice that you do not own an office. The address of your business plays a critical role in building the trust between you and your customers. A virtual office can provide you this benefit.