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What Are Parcel Locker Solutions for Residents?

What Are Parcel Locker Solutions for Residents?

Losing your shipments because of an inferior delivery system is always disheartening. Due to this, the integration of a parcel locker system that renders a secure, convenient and carrier agnostic structure has become a demand in the market.

Its current market size is $753 million, which is estimated to increase to $1 billion by 2024! So, what is a parcel locker?

A parcel locker is a storage facility for our delivery packages. It is an automated storing unit that eliminates the requirement of traditional home deliveries. During the pandemic, online shopping frequency soared by 73%, which means there was an extensive need for a superior delivery system. To bridge that gap, the parcel delivery volume was boosted by 70%. A survey suggested that 81% of delivery services want to inculcate last-mile delivery due to the surge in demand.

Parcel Lockers Facilitate this with the Following Features:

  • Contactless: With the spiked need for contactless solutions, there is no contact during the pick-up and drop of the parcel.
  • Secure: The locker is only accessible through a special code given only to the mail carrier and the recipient, ensuring security.
  • Affordable: Reduced delivery cost and labour make the system more economical.
  • Convenient: With ongoing availability, the services comply with the recipient’s convenience.

Parcel Lockers for Residents

The exponential growth in the e-commerce industry led to an increase in day-to-day package deliveries in the residency areas. However, it resulted in over 7.5 million residents either losing their parcels or having them stolen. It all boiled down to their absence when the delivery took place. The package locker system provides an optimum solution to the residents. The enhanced security and automated process lower the risk of package thefts and misplacement.

The system’s operation and execution consider every variable that leads to successful deliveries.

The benefits of parcel lockers to a residency is stated below.

1. Builds a Secure Community

The end goal of any residential area is to render a secure community, and mail thefts don’t help! It creates a bad reputation and disharmony. To eliminate all these faulty notions, parcel lockers are the perfect solution. The entire process is preventive to mishaps. The barcode that accesses the locker is only shared with the mail carrier and recipient. This stamps out the need for someone else to collect the parcel, let alone commit theft.

2. A Contactless Solution

Keeping the COVID restrictions in mind, the parcel locker system offers a contactless solution. The three-step operation doesn’t require the residents to come in contact with anyone. The payments can happen through net banking and, the provision of virtual assistance is throughout the procedure.

3. No more Lost Packages

A reliable parcel-delivery system is paramount. It is made feasible by an automatic reporting system that allows residents to trace their deliveries at any moment. As the resident information is updated, secure deliveries are made, and no packages are lost.

4. A Productive Approach

Time efficiency is an amenity for the productive functioning of a residency. Property managers are in charge of parcel management activities such as package security, resident inquiries, and signature validation, among others. This responsibility is rather redundant and can be done away with by installing package lockers.

A Parcel Locker System is the Ultimate Solution for a Residency

Multi-family buildings and residencies are based on the harmonious functioning of all the members involved in it. Parcel lockers invoke the same through their tremendous amounts of benefits. A delivery system for a residency needs to be in the best interest of – the residents, apartment staff, Courier systems and the retailers. The perk to each one of them is highlighted below.

1. Residents

The scrutinised operation ensures the residents have peace of mind knowing that their packages are safe and secure. It is vital because they are on the receiving end of the system. The parcel system allows them to track their deliveries. Plus, the lockers can be accessed by them at their convenience.

2. Apartment Staff

Saving twenty-four hours a week is a blessing for any property manager. The apartment staff need not perform counter-productive tasks related to packaging delivery when all of that can be handled through the inculcation of a result-driven system. Instead, the precious time can be utilised in other activities which are about the welfare of the residents.

3. Couriers

Going round-about the same locality to conduct individual delivery doesn’t add value to anyone. It is time-consuming, environmentally draining and full of hassle. A parcel locker system in a residency can lead to bulk delivery. To add on, the chances of failed delivery become minimal, which keeps the reputation of the courier facility.

4. Retailers

A timely distribution means more happy clients. Parcel locker solutions result in being a promotional tool for retailers because it spikes the brand image. It removes the need for them to deal with failed deliveries. Considering how structured the system is, the negative feedbacks due to delivery stamp out.


Don’t let delivery complications become a barrier for your well-functioning residency, given that such a reliable system is available. The main objective from the delivery to the collection of the system is to generate happy clients.


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