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Best Ways to Take CBD Oil

Best Ways to Take CBD Oil


There are many ways to take CBD oil. Consumers who are not educated in the different administration methods may not find the appropriate form of use. CBD is designed to be taken in a specific manner; users who know how to ingest CBD oil take it sublingually to get the most benefits.

Other methods such as CBD capsules, topicals, and edibles are not as complicated. Everyone is familiar with swallowing a tablet every morning. Using CBD is more complex but has the potential for more absorption and bioavailability.

How To Take CBD Oil?

How To Take CBD Oil_

Taking CBD oil requires the user to know how the body processes CBD. CBD only works if it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Once CBD enters the blood, it can be distributed throughout the body and get to the areas in need.

Many CBD users add CBD oil to their tea. Using it in the manner results in lower bioavailability and absorption rates. The tea is swallowed and not absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD tea is a great concept and makes for nice content on social media, but it is far from the best way to take that oil.

Another of the ways to take CBD oil that is commonly done is by adding it to food. Again, this method is popular but is not as effective as taking CBD sublingually. It is already decarboxylated, making it easy to infuse with ingredients. Users will get their CBD dosage but in a much less efficient manner.

Smoking CBD oil is the most efficient method; however, inhaling hot smoke into the lungs presents many health dangers. Users who smoke CBD for health benefits are defeating the purpose by risking severe medical complications. We suggest avoiding smoking and vaping CBD products if possible.

Allowing CBD oil to dissolve under the tongue is the most beneficial and efficient way to take CBD. Our mouths possess mucosal membranes under the tongue and along the cheeks. These membranes serve as direct pathways into the bloodstream.

Getting as much CBD into the blood is the best way to take its oil. Once the CBD is in the blood, it can be distributed throughout the endocannabinoid system. This is the only way to experience the benefits of CBD. Many users are turned off or underwhelmed by the results after taking CBD for the first time.

What Ways are Popular?

What Ways are Popular_

While taking other methods such as CBD edibles is convenient and popular, using CBD oil sublingually is more beneficial. When CBD is sent to the digestive system, much of the CBD is wasted through the liver. The remaining CBD can take hours for it to become bioavailable.

Eating CBD still has benefits, but it is not as efficient as taking CBD oil sublingually. If you do prefer to add oil to food or use CBD edibles, we recommend increasing the dosage to make up for the lost it in the process.

The same principle should be applied to CBD topicals. The skin is much less permeable than the mucosal glands in the mouth. Users looking for topical CBD products should choose highly concentrated CBD because much of the actual CBD will be lost in the process.

What is the Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

Sublingual administration is easily the best way to take CBD oil. The side effects are mild to non-existent, and users experience relatively high absorption rates. Remember to take CBD oil correctly by allowing the oil to be dissolved under the tongue. Sublingual administration delivers high bioavailability and is much safer than smoking CBD oil.

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