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5 Ways Telematics Can Improve Your Business

5 Ways Telematics Can Improve Your Business

If your business involves fleet management of any capacity, then you may already know that telematics is a must have for your enterprise. With the recent rise of the internet and a spike in the number of telecommunications networks available for data transfer, telematics has become more accessible than ever before, allowing more and more companies to take advantage of the benefits it offers. Here are five ways that this software can improve your business.

Better Communication

Fleet management software and telematics remove the need for drivers to check in and out with their managers, automating the process and allowing drivers to focus on the job at hand. However, it does not remove the communication factor completely, still allowing both driver and manager to communicate with one another throughout their shifts. What it does do for your business and workflow is simplify the process and provide an abundance of data that you can use to enhance workforce deployment.

Improve Safety

One of the many data points that telematics will focus on and deliver back to the fleet manager is vehicle diagnostics and vehicle behavior. The former allows any discrepancies in the performance of the vehicle to be flagged immediately, meaning you can schedule any necessary maintenance far before it become a potential disruption to your business. The latter allows you to monitor the behavior of the driver and the vehicle and, combined with the real-time GPS tracking, gives you the capability to deploy any emergency care or assistance that’s needed.

Reduce Costs

Not only do telematics help reduce maintenance costs by flagging potential issues before they become disruptions, but they also reduce other costs within your business, such as fuel costs. The real-time tracking allows your fleet manager to analyze the set route of the driver and predict any problems, such as heavy traffic, that may occur. They can then re-route the vehicle to avoid such incidents, saving not only money, but also time for the driver and customers at the other end.

Boost Efficiency for Drivers

The vehicle analytics data that is collected throughout the day by the software will assist in the creation of new training programs for new and existing drivers, improving their overall skill level and giving them the opportunity for continuous learning in their role. The GPS tracking system also gives drivers real-time data on their current routes and what lies ahead, allowing for them to also change or redirect to their destination.

Obtain an Overview of the Entire Fleet

The most obvious benefit of telematics is the fleet overview that it provides for the fleet manager, allowing them to oversee their entire operation without needing to regularly check in with individuals. This comes with a host of benefits, some of which we have already discussed. Another to consider, however, is that if an accident occurs and a driver is no longer able to complete their delivery, telematics allows the manager to redirect another driver to complete the drop off. This saves time and money, and improves customer satisfaction by avoiding any delays or missed deliveries.

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