Types of Treadmill – Fitness can be achieved even from home. Many of us avoid exercising due to lack of time and the high cost involved in getting the gym subscription. However, you can easily stay fit by getting a treadmill on rent. When you have the treadmill at home, you do not have to go anywhere, instead, you can complete your workout quota at your preferred time. All the family members can use the treadmill and grow fit together.

Half an hour of brisk walking or running is sufficient to keep you fit and energetic. Your whole body works out when you jog or run on the treadmill. The soft surface of the treadmill also saves your knees from corroding. If you are planning to buy a treadmill for your home, you should know a few things before buying them. There are plenty of options available in the market and we would write about some of the types of treadmill here.

Types of Treadmills

Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmill is the basic model of a treadmill. They are designed to provide you an excellent workout session regardless of your fitness level. Manual treadmills are made up of durable materials, which include a PVC running belt, heavy-duty steel frame, and comfortable handrails made of foam. Most of the manual treadmills have a fold-up design as it does not have any electronic parts. You can collapse it and store it at any corner of your home. A manual treadmill allows you to do the entire workout by yourself and in the end; you will feel that you have accomplished something big.

Electronic Treadmill

Electronic treadmills are sturdier and larger than the manual ones. The design of an electronic treadmill is not portable; hence, it occupies a permanent place in your home. There are various features of the electronic treadmill like it can incline from 6% to 40%, speed can be increased to 12miles per hour and they are equipped with self-cooling motors. Easy touch screens, auxiliary ports for playing MP3 songs and amplified speakers of this machine makes your workout even more interesting. These machines also display the heart rate, distance covered, calorie burned, and speed for the user’s convenience.

Things to Consider

When you buy or rent gym equipment like a treadmill, there are few things to consider.


If you are aiming to do light exercises every day, then you may go for a basic model that would not be expensive. Check the features of the model and then decide to buy it.


If you have a big house, where you can permanently place your treadmill, you can grab the electronic one. However, if you are short of space, get the one that is small in size and is foldable.


Do not pick treadmills that are made of cheap materials. You are investing a good amount of money on a treadmill; therefore, it should be durable and made of the best quality materials.

The treadmill is useful gym equipment for beginners and advanced users. They should be bought according to the usage capacity of the user. Check the features and consider the one that would suffice your requirements.

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