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Slot Game Themes That Only Women Love
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Slot Game Themes That Only Women Love

Slot Game Themes That Only Women Love – These days, women have begun to play slots online, and the gaming population amongst them is rapidly rising. In the year 2020, statistics showed that women involved in playing online slots were at a 39% high, with the potential to grow exponentially in the coming years – win a slots bonus to spin the test.

A rather large part of the women population. Women are different creatures to men, with a slight but peculiar disparity in taste and interest. It is important to note the specific themes women tend to love when we consider slot games.

Slots with historical women

History has its fair share of courageous and impactful women. It is only normal that certain characters in myths and legends will inspire the theme for some slot games, retelling the tale of such historical times in a more captivating way.

In turn, these female heroes and warriors have done nothing but endear the female populace to slots with such themes. Example of such legendary characters are:

  • Athena
  • Medusa
  • Cleopatra
  • Arawelo, The Queen of Sheba
  • Queen Jezebel

Playing slot games with some of these themes are a sure way to familiarize yourself with the story about them. They are very captivating as well as educating, sometimes displaying facts and figures you may have never known.


In general opinion, witches are mostly considered female. Over time, we have encountered stories of an enchanting seductress or just a plain old woman with extraordinary powers causing havoc. Moreso, numerous slot developers, have designed with some of these themes in mind, bringing more females to feel their virtual power by just playing the game. We can see examples of these witchcraft/magical games below

  • Tower Quest
  • Bewitched Slot
  • Rich witch
  • Alchemist Gold
  • Dark Magic

Contrary to unpopular opinion, these witch-themed games do not have seasons when they’re most enjoyed. Women will play slot games where they can see their virtual selves with so much power, any time, any day. This has prompted several slot games based on magic out there on the internet.


It is a no-brainer that this category is way more prominent among the female folk than amongst the males. Every three out of five women will rather be playing a romance-themed game than any other category. From match-making fruit symbols to highlighting incredible love stories, this category is so versatile it never gets boring. Below are some of them that women love to play

  • Cherry Love
  • Immortal Romance
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Burning Desire
  • Lady Godiva

Being a large part of day-to-day life, this slot game category will never go out of style. Not limited to women alone, the menfolk also keys into this sensational aspect of slot games. As long as the correlation of love between men and women exists, romance is a constant, hence these kinds of slots.


The above-mentioned slot game types are not strictly exclusive to women as some men will love these games as much as their counterparts do. However, these games have been highlighted as favourites of most of the womenfolk. Because the males dominate the game market as players, developers will want to consider these slot categories when producing other online slots. Therefore, pulling more female population to become a part of the gaming community.

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