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Three Things to Do to Protect Yourself When Being Falsely Accused of a Crime in Jersey City

Three Things to Do to Protect Yourself When Being Falsely Accused of a Crime in Jersey City

Protect Yourself When Being Falsely Accused of a Crime in Jersey City – Facing a criminal charge, especially if you did not commit the crime, can be frightening. But keep in mind that there is a legal process to follow to establish your guilt. Thus, you are presumed innocent until a jury or judge finds you guilty. Along with this, there are constitutional rights that protect you throughout the criminal process. They include the right not to say anything to the police, the right to a Jersey City criminal lawyer, and others. Here’s how you can protect yourself when falsely accused of a crime:

Call an Attorney

A criminal defense attorney will begin to protect your innocence immediately after you hire them. They can collect evidence and speak with possible witnesses. They can stop the accusation before you face criminal charges. A defense attorney knows the law and the legal process, so they can help you obtain the best outcome. They know exactly how to look for evidence and speak with witnesses. Also, they can study the background of the person who accuses you to find useful information. Your attorney can work with experts who can support your innocence.

Stay Calm

As you try to defend yourself against a criminal accusation, you should not lose your cool. Showing anger and aggressive behavior will only add fuel to the fire. When you appear in court, you should remain calm and let your attorney handle most of the talking. Otherwise, you can only give the accuser additional evidence that they can use against you.

Avoid Social Media

No matter how you want the world to know that you are innocent, you should not post anything about the case on social media. Any post you make can be used against you. Unfortunately, once you air your dirty laundry online, you cannot take it back.

Again, one of your rights is to remain silent. You should not talk to the police without your lawyer present. Even if you want to clear up the issue right then and there, this can land in you more trouble later. What you can do is never say anything until your attorney is present.

There are a lot of things a criminal defense lawyer can do to assist you as you fight the allegations against you. They can prepare your defense, speak with witnesses, and present evidence to prove your innocence. Also, they will ensure you appear in court well-prepared to defend yourself.

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