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The Most Reliable PDF Converter: Best Features Of PDFBear That You Need To Know
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The Most Reliable PDF Converter: Best Features Of PDFBear That You Need To Know

Since everyone’s lifestyle right now is more into the online side of things, the need for having a much reliable PDF converter tool is higher compared to before since most people are doing their work and studying in person. With that, these are some of the best features that you will get from PDFBear, which will help you in terms of quality and convenience.

Compress PDF

Suppose you’re looking for the best PDF converter tool that can compress PDF file. PDFBear is one of the best PDF converter tools right now; that offers multiple helpful features that will assist you with your PDF needs, such as compressing your PDF.

If this is your first time hearing about PDFBear, you better read this whole article about PDFBear and its features. Using PDFBear’s Compress PDF feature, you will be comfortable and worry-free. You only need to go to PDFBear’s website at and look for compress PDF.

When you’re inside of PDFBear’s compress PDF feature, just select the specific PDF file that you want to compress, and the system will just automatically compress your file. After everything is done, you’ll be given an option to download your compressed file to your computer, Dropbox, or Google User Drive.

Repair PDF

Repair PDF is another unique feature of PDFbear, which you can save your essential information from your PDF. Although PDFBear doesn’t give 100% guarantee that your file will be saved, at least it will do its best to help you gain your information back. As long as your PDF isn’t damaged, PDFBear can do something about that.

If it’s your first time using PDFBer’s Repair PDF, the process is just straightforward. First, I got to PDFBear’s main site. Second, select Repair PDF, and when you’re inside this feature, you can drag and drop the damaged PDF file that you want to be repaired. Lastly, the system will try to analyze your file, and it will just automatically fix it for you.

The repair process is swift, depending on how large your PDF is, it will only take not more than an hour. PDFBear’s Repair PDF will make your PDF back to its original quality, which is excellent, especially if you’re trying to repair photos and other important information that you have on your file.

Protect PDF

If you’re trying to find the best PDF tool that provides the best security and protection to your PDF, there’s no need to look anywhere else anymore since you already have PDFBear’s Protect PDF. With this feature, you will protect your PDF from other people who will try to steal your information or if you want to have some privacy.

The process will only take you not more than half an hour. Just go to PDFBear’s Protect PDF, and pick the PDF files that you want. After choosing the PDF file, PDFBEar will let you type or add your password so that no one will be able to pull-up your PDF except if they have your password. Right after adding the password to your file, you can download your file back.

Another cool feature that PDFBear has is that when the process is finished and downloaded your file back to your computer or your cloud storage, PDFBear’s system will delete or remove every single information you uploaded to their system. With this, no one will be able to steal your information from you.

Unlock PDF

If you’re already tired of having to input or type your password every single time whenever you want to open up your PDF, PDFBear also has a feature that you can remove or unlock your PDF. This feature is called Unlock PDF; you can access it on PDFBear and select or pick the particular PDF file you want to unlove or remove the password.

The good thing about having a password-free PDF file is that you can easily view it without typing your password. A piece of advice, you can have a password-free PDF file if you think that your file is not that confidential, but if it’s an important file and you don’t want others to see it, better have a password instead.

Another fantastic fact about PDFBear’s features is that you can access them on any operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac; you can even access them through your mobile phone. That’s how versatile PDFBear’s features are. It’s not frequent that you will see a PDF converter tool with these types of features.

Merge PDF

Are you experiencing a difficult time finding the right PDF merging tool that can provide excellent quality output? Worry no more, PDFBear has the ideal feature for you, and that’s Merge PDF. PDFBear’s Merge PDF feature is the simplest and fastest merging tool that you can ever find, and it not just can combine a single PDF file, but it can merge multiple files at once.

One thing that you need to think thoroughly about when finding a PDF merging tool is its merging quality. Many PDF merging tools are available on the internet right now, but unfortunately, not all of them offer excellent merging quality output. It would be best to find a superb merging tool not to experience a low quality merged PDF.

Split PDF

Besides being able to Merge PDF files with PDFBear, the PDFBear also has a feature wherein you can also remove or split your PDF. With this feature, you can select a particular page or pages that you need to remove, and PDFBear will just automatically split your PDF into a separate file.

The Split PDF is a very convenient feature to have from PDFBear, especially if you’re trying to send a particular page of your PDF to your co-worker or schoolmate. Split PDF also helps you to organize your PDF better so that you can access them individually instead of scrolling into many pages to find a single page or topic from your PDF.


Here’s the final verdict, if you’re looking for a PDF converter tool that offers a complete package for your PDF needs such as Splitting, Merging, PDF Protection, Password Unlocking, and other PDF conversion features, PDFBear is the perfect PDF tool for you. With that, you can also check and go to their site for more details.

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