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Luminous Icon is the Best Battery for Inverter

Luminous Icon is the Best Battery for Inverter

Luminous Icon is the Best Battery for Inverter – Facing frequent power cuts can be annoying as they can cause disturbances when doing something important. Therefore, buying the battery for an inverter that satisfies your power requirements can be a wise decision. They can help you keep doing your work continuously without interruptions during power outages.

The best battery for an inverter must be powerful enough to satisfy the power requirements of your home or office. Hence, while choosing an inverter battery, you must look for various factors and specifications to obtain maximum returns.

What Is the Use of An Inverter Battery?

An inverter battery is a device that stores power in the form of direct current, which is then converted into alternating current to power your home appliances. Batteries are the backbone of an inverter system.

The quality of an inverter determines its performance and lifespan. So, it is vital to buy the best battery for an inverter from a trusted brand to get a consistent power supply during power cuts.

How To Choose the Best Battery for An Inverter?

When buying the best battery for an inverter, you should consider some factors in order to find the battery that fulfils your requirements. Here are some of the factors to consider: –

Duration Of Power Cuts

Find out the average duration of continuous power cuts in your area. It could be 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2hours, etc.

Determine Your Power requirement

It is essential to determine your power requirement before buying an inverter battery. It is the sum total power of all the appliances you want to keep using during power outages. Once you determine the duration of power backup required and the load required, you can accordingly find out the Ah rating of your inverter battery.

Choose The Best Battery for An Inverter

There are different types of batteries available that serve different requirements. You should buy the one that satisfies your needs. Let us look at them: –

  1. Flat Plate Batteries- Flat plate battery is a lead-acid battery recommended for areas with short but frequent power cuts.
  2. Tubular Batteries- These are lead-acid batteries suited for long but less frequent power cuts.
  3. Gel Batteries- Gel batteries offer more consistent power backup compared to lead-acid batteries. Most importantly, they are environment-friendly and emit minimal harmful gases.

Why Should You Consider Luminous Icon?

Luminous is one of the leading power backups and home electrical brands that manufacture a wide range of quality inverters for homes that are affordable and durable. And it is providing a smart solution to the consumers which is cost-effective and efficient with its Luminous Icon.

Luminous Icon is a thoughtfully designed inverter battery unit with a consumer-centric approach in mind that is supported by excellent customer service. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing Luminous Icon: –

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Pure sine wave inverters use sophisticated technology that helps protect sensitive appliances. They can be used to power heavy electronics such as microwaves, televisions, laptops, etc.

Quick Charging at Low Voltage

The Luminous Icon inverter offers a full charging current at low voltage- 95V. It allows you to charge the battery faster at lower input voltages.

Unparalleled Safety

Luminous Icon has no open wires as the battery is encapsulated in the inverter, making it entirely safe for children.

Tubular Batteries

The Luminous Icon is best fitted with tubular batteries to serve long power backup requirements. They are reliable and come with a long warranty period.

Luminous Icon offers unmatched convenience and elegant design. Their stylish design can give a modern look to your house. With its wide-ranging features, excellent power backup supply, and minimal maintenance requirements, Luminous Icon can be the best battery for an inverter.

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