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How to Increase Wi-Fi Signal in Certain Areas?
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How to Increase Wi-Fi Signal in Certain Areas?

Today it is very common to connect wirelessly to the Internet. Many devices have Wi-Fi compatibility, and they are more and more. It is what we also know as the Internet of Things. However, the signal quality and coverage are not always the best. Sometimes we need to connect a device from a specific area of ​​our home, and we see that the signal that arrives is very weak, and we cannot use it correctly. For example, if we have a television or a video player in Streaming. In this article, we are going to mention 5 simple measures(tips) to increase the Wi-Fi signal in an area.

How to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage in Certain Areas?

There are many tips and practices that we can use. In this case, we are going to name 5 methods or guidelines that we can carry out. Maybe just using one of them is more than enough. Perhaps the combination of some of them will offer better results. The objective will be to be able to connect certain devices that are located in an area far from the router and that for different circumstances, we cannot take advantage of it.

Change Router Location

It is one of the most significant and also the simplest points. Sometimes only by slightly changing the location of the router, we can further expand the range of wireless coverage in our home. In this way, we can connect from different places that perhaps we could not before, or the quality was minimal.

We refer to, for example, locating the router in a central area of the home, from where it can distribute the signal much better. Also, to be able to bring it as close as possible to the area where we are really going to take advantage of the coverage, although we leave other areas in “shadow.”

But we can also apply small changes. For example, putting the router in a higher area, isolating it from other appliances or devices that maybe next to it. Simply with little details so we can significantly improve the quality and, ultimately, Internet speed.

Use Repeaters or Extenders

Another prevalent possibility is to use repeaters or extenders. There are many types. We can use PLCs, which use the electrical network. Also, signal boosters, use Wi-Fi Mesh, etc.

The goal is none other than to extend wireless connectivity to other areas of the home. We can even not only connect via Wi-Fi but even connect other devices via Ethernet cable. It is a matter of seeing what type of device is more suited to what we are really looking for. With total security, we will find what interests us the most, and we will be able to surf the web better.

Do You Have an Old Router? Seize it

Many users have an old router. Perhaps because they had bought a new device to have some improvements, maybe when they changed companies they gave him a different one.

An old router can be very useful in certain circumstances, but we can also take advantage of it to take the connection to other areas. We can use it as a repeater. We can do this both wirelessly and through wiring. If we have our house wired, we can connect the router in another area and, from there, distribute the connection to other devices.

Obviously, we must bear in mind that we need to have a compatible router. Not all options can be used.

Use a Computer

We can also use our computer to offer(Increase) the Internet(Wi-fi Signal) in areas where it gets worse. Basically, what we do is turn our team into an access point. Let’s take as an example that we have a wired house, and we connect in a room. We have next to television that works over Wi-Fi, and coverage does not arrive. We can use that computer to offer a wireless connection. There are programs that allow us to turn our computers into an access point.

Check that Everything is Fine on the Router

Finally, something that often goes unnoticed is checking that everything is in order on the router. Sometimes simply by touching the configuration a little, changing certain parameters, we can significantly improve the signal and Wi-Fi coverage. In this way, we can connect from other areas of the home without so many problems.

We can also see that we are using a channel that is not saturated. Sometimes this can lead to speed and, in turn, signal quality problems.

Similarly, we can see that the power of the Wi-Fi router is adequate, something that can be configured from the device itself, as well as the external antennas, if any, well placed.

In short, with these 5 tips or measures, we can Increase Wi-fi Signal in certain areas.

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