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The Great Increase in Internet Consumption in The Last Month

The Great Increase in Internet Consumption in The Last Month

We live times out of the ordinary. Everything related to the coronavirus is causing social changes that are also reflected in Internet connections. We are at home, and that means we use less mobile data but more broadband. That also means that we spend more hours in front of the computer, tablet, or mobile watching streaming series and movies. In this article, we echo a report that indicates that Internet consumption has increased more than double than normal in the last month. That certainly confirms what we are saying.

Internet Consumption Grows Twice as Much

Right now, billions of people are confines to their homes. A problem that has brought about important changes in our day to day and how we work and relate. We cannot leave the house, and that means that the Internet becomes more than ever our medium to communicate.

Logically this has also caused a large increase in data consumption on the home Internet. This is something that contrasts with the use of mobile data, as we can imagine.

However, the use we make of the Internet has also changed significantly. In recent weeks we are using tools and platforms that consume more resources. An example is a fact of making calls through the Internet, for example. Also to watch series and movies in Streaming. These are services and platforms that consume a lot of data and have ultimately made the use of the Internet grow.

If we talk about concrete data, as indicated in the report that we echo, the data consumption in March 2020 has been doubled compared to the same month the previous year.

Remote Work, Much More Present

It should also keep in the brain that thousands and thousands of workers are now performing their duties from home. This is something that in a large number of nations around the world. This means that there are many more users connected at home and using Internet resources that are not normally necessary.

For example, they need to use tools to access systems that are in the computers of the workplace. For this, it is necessary to have an Internet connection, and there is a lot of data that we can consume. It will also be necessary to hold video conferences, for example.

All this means that remote work also means a greater expense for the Internet. In short, it is one more contribution so that Internet consumption has grown twice as much as normal in the last month.

Internet Speed Problems

It must also remember in mind that having higher Internet consumption is also causing problems in connection speed. This is logical. Networks are prepared for a series of users connected at the same time and for a certain use. However, this is now multiplying, and we are not only talking about a greater number of users using the Internet, but they are also making use of services and platforms that require more data.

We talk, for example, about watching series and movies on the Internet. This consumes much more than simply sending an email or searching for information on the net. However, current habits are causing us to use certain services and platforms that precisely consume more resources.

Some streaming video platforms have decided to limit the quality of videos in order to reduce traffic on the Internet. This way, there are no problems that affect other users when surfing the web.

The same happens, for example, when making a video call, something that has become very common these days. They are tools that will require more intensive use of the network.

Increased Internet Attacks

But beyond a greater consumption of the Internet in these weeks, unfortunately, it must also be indicated that there has been a growth in cyber attacks. Many hackers are taking advantage of the situation to try to sneak malware into users.

There is no better defense than to make use of security tools. A good antivirus can prevent the entry of threats that put our security at risk. It is also interesting to always keep the systems and the latest available patches updated. In this way, we will avoid those security flaws that are present in our devices.

But without a doubt, common sense is essential to avoid Internet attacks these days. Many of these attacks will require user interaction. For example, accessing a link or downloading a malicious file.

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