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How to Improve the Security and Speed, of Internet-Connected IoT Devices?

How to Improve the Security and Speed, of Internet-Connected IoT Devices?

If we look back and think about what devices we used to surf the Internet a few years ago, it has undoubtedly changed noticeably. Before we could basically use a computer. But today, this has changed. Many mobile devices with which we can access the network have emerged, as well as many others of what we know as the Internet of Things(IoT). This makes it also necessary to improve safety while preserving speed. In this article, we want to give a series of tips to maintain security and speed when using IoT devices connected to the network.

How to Improve Security and Internet Speed on IoT Devices?

The IoT devices are varied, as we know. Here we can include televisions, streaming video playback devices, appliances with Internet access, light bulbs. There is a great variety, and more and more are emerging. All of them are connected to our router and can pose a threat if we do not take into account certain essential tips and recommendations.

In the same way, there may be Internet speed problems when using them. Luckily we can put into practice a series of basic tips with which to always preserve security and privacy through these types of devices(IoT). Also, to maintain browsing speed and that there are no problems when using them.

Always Keep Them Updated

The first and most significant thing is always to keep them updated. In this way, we can both improve performance and security. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that affect these types of devices. Security problems that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks.

Thanks to the updates and security patches that arise, we can solve these problems. On the one hand, as we have said, to avoid suffering attacks that compromise our security and privacy. But on the other hand, also to improve performance and, in this case, to improve Internet speed on our IoT devices.

You always have to update them from official sources. Avoid downloading updates from third-party sites that are not a guarantee. Otherwise, we could be installing software that has been maliciously modified. You need to be careful with that.

Change Factory Settings

A mistake that many users make is not to change the values that come from the factory with this type of device. We refer to, for example, the credentials or passwords, as well as the configuration in general.

Sometimes maintaining these factory settings can pose a problem that affects performance. Faults that could slow down the Internet connection and cause a wide variety of problems.

They can also logically undermine our security. Keeping the factory defaults means that a potential attacker might know the generic keys or the settings that they could take advantage of. Therefore our advice is always to change these values ​​that come when acquiring an IoT device, whatever it may be.

Beware of Additional Fraudulent Applications

Normally, these types of devices have applications to improve some aspects. We may have tempting improvements. The problem is that sometimes users tend to install unofficial applications, which they also download dangerously.

This could compromise not only the proper functioning of these devices but also harm our safety. Therefore whenever we go to install complementary software, whatever it is, we must take into account the importance of doing it from official sites. Otherwise, we could put our systems at risk.

Spend Time on Security Settings

Normally these devices have a configuration section that can be quite complete. We can change some values ​​related to the operation, network connections, and, especially, security. You have to spend time on this and be able to improve it as much as possible.

Only then can we have these devices safe and avoid a malfunction. In the end, this can also translate into a speed improvement if we avoid possible intruders or errors.

Remote Access, An Option

Some of these IoT devices may have the ability to access remotely. It is very useful if we want to have control over them from our phone and anywhere. Now, this could also lead to security issues. Logically it would be open to a possible intruder with the necessary knowledge to enter the team.

Our advice is to be careful with this option. Whenever we are not going to need it, we can deactivate it. In this way, we can reduce the risk of having security problems.

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