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How to Improve Netflix Video Quality
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How to Improve Netflix Video Quality

Netflix is ​​one of the most trendy and used streaming video viewing platforms today. In recent years it has gained significant weight since we can watch our favorite series and movies anywhere and from any device. This has changed the way we watch television has changed. Now, we must bear in mind that for everything to go correctly, we will have to have an internet connection in good condition, something that does not always happen. In this article, we are going to explain what we can do to improve quality on Netflix.

How to Improve Quality on Netflix

Sometimes it may happen that when watching a series, for example, the video is cut off. Maybe we have problems seeing a video correctly, and that can frustrate many users. These problems are usually temporary, but could also occur continuously.

So we want to give a series of guidelines that we can take into account to improve quality on Netflix. Normally, these failures are due to our connection, but it could also be a problem with the software or device.

Maintain a Good Connection

The first thing to keep in brain is to keep a good connection. We can use different devices to play Netflix. Let’s say we are watching our favorite series from a computer that connects to the network through Wi-Fi. It is important that the Internet speed is adequate and that there is a good connection quality.

How can we improve this? We must take into account that the speed is adequate. For this, it may be convenient to choose one or the other network band, make use of amplifiers, etc. We already know that in terms of wireless networks, distance is a very important factor.

Another issue that can affect the connection is the fact that there are different computers connected to the network and downloading. If we want to build most of the resources, we mustn’t squeeze the connection from other devices when we go to watch a series or movie on Netflix.

Adjust Quality

Netflix allows you to adjust different options and have one configuration or another. This can also help make the quality better. We can adjust different parameters such as playing a video in 720p or 1080p, whenever possible.

Of course, it must be taken into account that the fact of putting a higher quality of reproduction can also cause more cuts. Everything will depend on the Internet connection we have. For example, if we have a fragile connection and put a video in 1080, there may be cuts. If instead, we play that video at 720p, perhaps it will be more fluid.

In short, it is a matter of adjusting the quality according to the Internet connection that we have. Speed ​​, in this case, matters a lot. Bandwidth may or may not allow us to have more flexibility.

The Browser, Key

If we are going to play Netflix from the browser on our computer, we must bear in mind that this is key. Some browsers will allow you to watch videos at a maximum quality and others that will accept lower quality.

We must always have current browsers that are with the latest patches and also ensure that they are compatible with Netflix and be able to reproduce at the highest quality available.

Avoid Security Issues

Of course, security is a very important factor. There are many occasions when problems arise that can affect our devices. There are many varieties of malware that can jeopardize the proper functioning of systems, and this will also affect the playback of videos on Netflix.

Our advice is always to have a good antivirus and other tools that can protect us online. It is essential to apply this regardless of the type of operating system or device that we are using.

Have Updated Equipment

It is also very important to have updated equipment. On the one hand, by having the latest versions, we will be able to obtain the performance improvements necessary to play streaming videos with better quality. But it is also essential for security reasons and to avoid problems.

On many occasions, vulnerabilities arise. Those flaws can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. We must, therefore, always have the latest patches and updates available. In this way, we will avoid that these vulnerabilities are exploited and, ultimately, that they affect the proper functioning of the equipment.

In short, Netflix is ​​a widely used platform to play streaming videos, and we must take into account the importance of applying certain tips that we have given to improve the quality when watching videos.

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