How To Optimize Your Wi-Fi Speed: Follow These 5 Steps – Not getting the same internet speed you were promised is, in essence, a pretty common scenario.

We have encountered this issue before (still do, to be precise), and we think you’re getting troubled by the same too.

That’s why you’re here, aren’t you?

Usually, most people tend to hold their internet service provider responsible whenever they encounter an internet issue.


Speaking from our experience, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a problem with your router can raise this problem to some extent.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

What Are The Signs Of A Router Problem?

Due to continuous usage, the routers tend to lose their overall efficiency and begin performing a little slowly. It, in turn, can raise various symptoms altogether. Some of these are –

  • You cannot log in to the router anymore. A classic example of a router being faulty, this problem generally occurs to devices older than five years. It’s non-repairable. Therefore, you’ll need to change the product to solve it.
  • The router is losing connectivity. With a damaged device, the issue of a sudden loss of connection can occur pretty frequently. In this aspect, restarting the router might work out for you. However, we’d still ask you to buy a new one.
  • The problem of non-responsiveness. Quite similar to the previously-mentioned complication, this problem can prevent your router from receiving signals correctly. Nevertheless, it can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the device.

How Do You Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed?

The overall proficiency of your router can depend on various aspects altogether.

For example, using a VPN while accessing torrent websites like the pirate bay can decrease your internet speed.

However, if you follow the below-mentioned rules, you can take care of whatever the device throws at you.

Suggestion – 1: Reposition Your Router

Keeping your router behind physical barriers can make it challenging for the wireless signal to reach the Wi-Fi device.

You know where we’re going with that, right?

Hence, if you want to increase your internet speed, we’ll ask you to avoid putting your router in a confined space. Instead, place it on a table or the center of your room to ensure that it’s operating in a well-optimized manner.

Suggestion – 2: Check The Efficiency Of The Device

Sorry for being too blunt – but some devices cannot handle higher internet speed at all. Thus, even if you’re using a high-speed connection, you will not get the result you’re expecting.

So, how are you going to take care of this issue?

The best way to solve your problem will be to check the manual of a device before making a purchase. It’ll help you learn about the efficiency of the product and the speeds it can support.

Suggestion – 3: Disconnect The Connected Devices

No matter how efficient a multitasker you are, you’ll definitely slow down a little while handling more than one project.

The same goes for a router as well!

When you’re sharing the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi with more than one device, your overall internet speed will naturally decrease.

Disconnecting all of the connected devices can be beneficial in this aspect. However, if you want to use more than one gadget, you’ll have to invest in a high-quality product.

Suggestion – 4: Keep Your Devices Well-Optimized

While sharing bandwidth to your devices, the router will try to match the speed of your slowest device. Hence, keeping its health in check will be pretty essential for you too.

But, what do we mean by that?

Optimizing the speed of your primary device will include –

  • Getting rid of viruses and malware from the system.
  • Clearing cookies and history of a browser.
  • Update the router’s firmware.

Suggestion – 5: Keep Your Router Password-Protected

Many people generally use their Wi-Fi router without any protection. It, in turn, prompts the people living nearby to connect to the same and take advantage of high-speed internet.

While it doesn’t affect you directly, it will reduce the core speed of your internet connection. Hence, if you want to limit others’ usage, you’ll need to protect your router with passwords.

Final Thoughts

If we’re being honest, your Wi-Fi will be pretty crucial in determining the extent of your optimize  Wi-Fi speed. Therefore, if you are having any trouble regarding the same, you’ll need to focus on your router first. Hopefully, our tips can help you out with that.