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How to Make Pages Load Fast?
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How to Make Pages Load Fast?

An essential factor for users when browsing the Internet is that the pages load fast. However, sometimes we will enter a website and see that it loads slowly. It is not something that happens to us exclusively in a specific site, but it happens with all those whom we try to navigate. This makes our navigation not work as it should. Fortunately, we can take into account certain tips that we are going to put into practice. We will explain how to make pages load faster.

How to make pages load fast?

Keep in mind that all browsers can have problems of this type. The fact that websites load slowly is not always due to the browser. Therefore, the tips that we are going to give can be applied to any browser that we use, as well as to any device and operating system.

Today the use of mobile phones to surf the Internet has increased a lot compared to just a few years ago. We navigate more with the mobile than from the computer. This also makes the pages have to be adapted, as well as the tools we use for it.

Keep the Device Clean

Something fundamental to surf the Internet with speed is that our devices are free of viruses and threats. In this way, fluidity and good functioning will be present.

We have a wide variety of security tools at our disposal. This must be applied regardless of the type of operating system or device that we are using. A good antivirus can help to avoid the entry of threats that jeopardize the proper functioning. A simple malware could slow down our browsing and make pages load slower.

Install the Latest Updates

In the same way, it is essential to install the latest available updates and patches. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to deploy their attacks. These attacks can compromise the functioning of the systems.

But in addition to this, updates can correct certain functions that may hinder the proper functioning. We already know that with each new version, significant improvements appear.

Use a suitable Browser


The browser matters. It is true that if we have other problems on the computer, it will not affect too much the type of browser we are using, but it certainly can help. We must use one of the guarantees, that has certain security measures, as well as configurations that we can take into account.

We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities in this regard. If we see that the pages load slowly, we can always try another browser and compare it. This way, we will avoid using one that causes us problems.

Do Not Abuse Extensions and Plugins

Any extension or plugin that we use in the browser can negatively affect its proper functioning. So we must use extensions in a controlled way. It is necessary to avoid an excess of them, and that could affect the loading speed of the sites.

We indeed have extensions and plugins that are very useful in our day today, but the more we have active at the same time, the slower, in general, there will be in the browser.

Excessive Lashes can Influence

In the same way, the excessive load of open tabs also influences. This will also depend on the device we have and its power, but we must bear in mind that the more pages we have open, the slower the browser will work.

There are extensions to control this. It is a good option to keep in mind, but mainly the interesting thing is common sense and not keeping more than is necessary open. So we can control the proper functioning, and we will have no problems loading web pages.

Tools to Load Pages Faster

It should also be noted that there are certain tools in the form of extensions or plugins that can make pages load faster. They can help to cache those sites, as well as choosing to load the mobile version whenever possible and thus avoid loading the page for desktops if we are browsing from a tablet, for example.

In short, these are some interesting tips that we can apply to prevent web pages from loading slowly or to improve their speed in some way. We already know that this is a factor that worries users a lot and affects all types of platforms and operating systems. We can always take into account certain measures to try to alleviate these problems.

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