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How to Ensure Effective Teamwork?

How to Ensure Effective Teamwork?

How to Ensure Effective Teamwork? – Many articles, including scientific ones, have been written about the benefits of teamwork. Today, in a protracted pandemic, when employees are forced to interact remotely, this issue is more relevant than ever.

Team efficiency is not only about improving employee interaction, but rather the quality of the production space in which each team member can express his or her opinion. People can share experiences with colleagues and fulfill their potential.

There is interesting research in the field of teamwork, according to which only about 30% of the time is spent directly on production and 70% of the time the team spends on organizing the workflow. Perhaps this statistics is not relevant at all times, but the issue of planning and organization of work directly affects the efficiency and timing of the work done.

When a business owner realizes that their team can do more and need to improve teamwork efficiency, there are a number of proven methods that can be applied.

Formulation of priorities according to the tasks set

Marketers sometimes say that “a correctly formulated goal has already been halfway achieved.” This has its own truth. In large corporations, employees have to perform tasks from different segments of the company. Hence, it is important to correctly build the priority.

Ultimately, it is important for the team to achieve the set business goal. Prioritization allows you to build a long-term strategy with a large amount of routine work. A good balance of short-term and long-term priorities allows you to save time to achieve your main goals. As practice shows, employees who understand the importance of a task are twice as motivated as employees without reference to the importance of a business goal.

Delegating low priority routines

As practice shows, team players always have more tasks than originally planned. In most cases it is. Because it is problematic to calculate the exact complexity of the work in practice. In addition, there is always a risk of harmful factors, due to which the specialist is temporarily unable to perform his duties.

To avoid possible conflict situations, it is important to provide the employee with sufficient freedom of action within the framework of his competence and authority. This means that the specialist himself has the right to determine the priority of the assigned tasks. If the main goal requires it, the employee has the right to reduce or completely postpone tasks with a low priority.

How to manage team workload?

The issue of workload distribution is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Given the importance of fairness, each team member must have an optimal workload. There are many applications on the market today that allow you to analyze the workload of a team and distribute work based on real possibilities.

Once you’ve assembled your task list and monitored your team’s capabilities, you can begin assigning roles. It is sometimes worth ignoring the rules and trusting the opinion of the team members themselves, but in most cases the leader or leader of the group should prioritize. Only a person who knows the specifics of the business is able to correctly delegate resources, including human resources.

The value system in teamwork and its importance

Obtaining financial profit concerns not only the company itself, but also its employees. Financial motivation is key to improving productivity. In practice, there are very few situations where the financial motivation of employees was secondary. This is more about corporate volunteering organizations or very specific areas of activity. Commercial projects employ people for whom financial stability is considered the most important factor. Therefore, motivation will ultimately determine the degree of interest of the employee, his involvement and the level of dedication.

If the business owner does not have the opportunity to attract an expensive specialist to the team, it is better to look at a replacement from full-time specialists, with the possibility of training and advanced training. An employee dissatisfied with financial motivation will pull other team members along with him and, as a result, the owner will lose more than he gains. We offer software product development services by Digitalsuits to all clients on the most favorable terms!

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