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How Can I Fax from iPhone or iPad for Free?
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How Can I Fax from iPhone or iPad for Free?

How Can I Fax from iPhone or iPad for Free? – Faxing has always been reputed as the foremost and easy method of communication owing to the benefits it has for users. Despite its immense popularity and a tendency for ease in communication, the use of fax has rapidly been on the low because of advancements in technology and social media.

However, you can now use fax on your iPhone easily, without any need for office equipment or any other hassle. Since there are numerous uses for fax and the need for an immediate fax service is rampant, here is how you can easily send or receive fax on your phone.

Cocofax: Your Phone Faxing Partner

Cocofax_ Your Phone Faxing Partner

CocoFax is a brilliant and highly reputed application that would help you to rely on it for easy faxing service from your phone. Without any need for bulky equipment, CocoFax helps you to fax directly from your iPhone. CocoFax stands as an ideal choice for faxing as it is useful as well as easy in all spheres.

As CocoFax is highly reputed and recognized as a proper brand for your faxing needs, it also possesses certain characteristics that are absent in other applications. CocoFax is a brand from GooglefaxFree and is mentioned as a top brand by virtuosos such as Buzz Feed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and the New York Times.

Why Do We Choose CocoFax?

Why Do We Choose CocoFax_

CocoFax is an answer to all of your problems that you once faced with the normal process of faxing. It is an easy to use application and is a brilliant way for you to fax from your pc or phone. CocoFax is highly functional and utilitarian for ease in the faxing process.

CocoFax has alleviated the need for any ink or large bundles of paper. It now operates digitally and sends your fax over a digital network that helps you to send the fax immediately. CocoFax also works from your phone so you can now send or receive a fax from the palm of your hand.

CocoFax is your brilliant partner and a solution to your office needs as now you don’t require any physical or harassing prerequisites for sending the fax. All of it can now be done from your iPhone with ease.

Can I Send Or Receive Fax on My iPhone?

Most people get skeptical and do not trust the phone for sending or receiving the fax. This complicates the process as you now have to cold boot your pc and then start the process. CocoFax has eased this complication as well. Thus, it now allows you to send the fax on your phone and receive it as well.

All you require is good internet connectivity upon which you will send or receive the fax. The application of CocoFax is always available for free on the Apple store and you can download it anytime. Once downloaded, the application starts the magic process as soon as you operate it.

CocoFax provides you with a free service for an entire month so you can easily enjoy the privileges we provide to the users. Once you are assured, you can use our subscription plans for easy and all-rounded fax service.

How Is The Fax Sent And Received?

Since CocoFax is a free webs service and is an easy-to-use application that is void of any extra charges, it is also customer-oriented. CocoFax provides you free installation in three easy steps as well as several privileges along with the steps.

Step 1:

Step 1_

You can either download the application or enjoy it directly by visiting the official site of CocoFax. The website is free to visit, use and can be opened by writing in the address bar. All you need now is to click the “Register your account” button and the detail box opens.

Step 2:

Now the box is opened and needs your detail for account creation. You are requested to enter your active E-mail address. You don’t have to worry about any security issues as it is a safe and encrypted process. The website registers your account and provides you with a fax number.
cocofax Step 2 - Fax from iPhone or iPad for Free

Step 3:

Step 3_

Now your account gets registered and you have your personal fax number. It is a unique and personal identification number that can be used for your comfort and identification. You can also utilize it to send a fax to other persons. All you have to do is to enter the fax number of the person you are expecting the fax to be sent to.

Can I Also Receive The Fax On the Phone?

Just like the process of sending was easy and effective for every person, receiving is also kept easy and effective process by CocoFax. The application provides you with a free digital inbox. Where you can check your received fax and also forward them like an email.

Receiving is also easy as CocoFax provides you with an inbox where all of your fax can be stored. And also, kept for later use or forwarding. It also possesses other advantages such as digitally converting the fax into a PDF file. Thus, where you can with no trouble open and use it for your ease.

CocoFax has always ensured the satisfaction and contentment of users by providing you with brilliant results and effective faxing privileges. CocoFax works at full capacity
to help you deal with the problems that were faced by the conventional process of faxing.


CocoFax is highly adept at your needs and therefore, ensures you of assistance in every form. The free trial service is also useful as you can easily check the service and trust it for your future faxing needs. Moreover, the free fax number is what you require for a free identity.

CocoFax must be trusted and used as the best application for sending or receiving the fax effortlessly through your iPhone or iPad. All that you need is an internet connection and the rest is to be left for CocoFax to deal with.

Trust CocoFax for all of your faxing needs and we ensure you with the best results, experience and need for more!

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