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What to Do to Get the Most Facebook Live Viewers
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What to Do to Get the Most Facebook Live Viewers


What to Do to Get the Most Facebook Live Viewers? – You and your colleague find a quiet place in the office, organize your microphones, and decide to go live on Facebook. In three short seconds, you and your workmate are now accessible to your whole Facebook community. You slowly begin talking about the topic you have mastered so well and hope that more people will be joining in if you drag it for a long enough time. Only they don’t. So where did you go wrong? Is there anything you would have done better? Or is it the quality of the video?

The truth is that a lot of things impact the success of your Facebook Live broadcast. From choosing the best WordPress Facebook feed to crafting a winning strategy, the list of the requirements is endless. This article contains the best practices to create a winning live content strategy to get you the highest number of viewers. Continue reading to learn more.

Get the Most Facebook Live Viewers

Schedule and Promote your Stream

So you have kick-ass content that you want to share with your viewers and think you have the best social media feed? You should let your Facebook followers know when they can expect it. Decide on time and date for the broadcast, and let your audience make time for it. Also, you can send out promotional materials on your other platforms like website, email list, or other social media channels.

Facebook’s native scheduling feature also enables you to alert your existing followers about the fact that you plan to go live. This enables them to opt-in for a notification just before your broadcast starts.

Ensure that you have captured all the vital details within the description and title of your promo so that potential viewers know what they should expect. It requires thorough planning, whose importance you will see as we continue.

Don’t Wait. Start Right Away after you go live

It’s a common mistake that many companies make. To explain it, you should understand how Facebook promotes live broadcasts. Just after you press the Go Live button, the Facebook algorithm starts trying gathering a crowd. While you may be familiar with notifications, you should know that they don’t go out all at once. It can take as much as 15 minutes for a user to get a notification that a certain page is live.

It means that you cannot wait for all the viewers to receive notifications and tune in before getting down to the live event. Also, remember that this is a live video that you cannot edit. It means there is no way to cut out those two minutes of nothing at the start of your video.

Instead, you should dive right in once you begin to broadcast. Don’t be concerned by the fact that someone will miss something. If they did, they have the option of going back and watching it. Remember that, even if you start with only five viewers, they will mostly share your broadcast, which increases its reach.

Write an Engaging and Thorough Description

When you create a perfect description in your live broadcast post, promotional materials, and recording, you solve two problems:

  • Potential viewers will know what they should expect by tuning to your live stream,
  • Latecomers will jump in smoothly without any confusion.

Creating a thorough description enables viewers to engage with your video more, which enables them to increase view duration. Also, when you add the questions you will tackle, or the solutions that you intend to provide, you set an expectation of agenda and takeaways.

The description should paint a complete picture of what to be covered, what the viewers will gain when they tune in, and the main takeaways.

Remember to change your description appropriately once the stream is over. Add any questions answered, links to things you discussed, tease something funny that took place in the stream, and anything that can make it noticeable and relevant.

Tease the result at the start

It’s one of the most powerful yet underrated techniques of video marketing. It’s used by some of the most successful YouTube marketers in live and recorded videos. The fact is, it’s a little tricky to capture an internet user’s account. You should make it abundantly clear about the value readers will get from your message in advance. Don’t just rely on the content quality as it won’t cut it. Rather, make a promise to your viewers that your message will deliver on.

Interact with Your Viewers

You must make your viewers feel part of the stream as much as possible. You need to acknowledge them right from the time you start engaging with them.

To create a genuinely engaging broadcast, you should make an honest effort to interact with each viewer. In some cases, the engagements may be too many. However, it’s still important to make viewers feel that you are doing your best to try and engage them.

As a reward for making this collaborative and thriving broadcast, as your viewers to kindly share it with their other followers. Also, ask them to like the stream. If you make genuine efforts to interact with your community, you won’t find it hard to ask them for this favor.


After crafting a great strategy for your video content, you need to plan and execute well. The more you show in advance, the greater number of viewers you will attract.

That’s because, much like a movie trailer, showing your viewers a sneak peek of what you want to discuss will enable them to know what to expect.

Also, preparing well enables you to confidently deliver the broadcast while also giving you room to improvise. It’s no secret that some of the most magical moments occur unplanned.

Make sure that at all times, you use the right techniques, produce great content, and continue to do your best no matter what. Keep in mind that, even with only five live viewers, they could be your best customers, advocates, or followers.

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