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How to Find a Person Using Phone Number?
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How to Find a Person Using Phone Number?

Find a Person Using Phone Number – Before diving into the context, let’s consider a situation. You receive a call from an unknown number. Even after thinking a lot about that call, you failed to identify him. Thus you just ignored the call. Later on, you found out that it was necessary, and you lost a great chance because of not receiving it. It is not a new situation. It happens to most people around the globe.

As this problem grew very prominently, people started searching for a way to find the identity and location of a person using his phone number so that they could know who exactly is calling them. Some of the true free people search sites are used for getting information about unknown numbers using various tools and techniques:

Mobile Number Tracker

The website is one of the most popular websites that serve this purpose. Using this tool, one can find out the details of a person and his location using his phone number. On the home page, on the search bar, enter the mobile number about which you want to find the details. This website works both on mobile phones and PC. It can track mobile as well as landline numbers.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Many trustworthy free people search for a person’s details using the Reverse Phone Lookup with Kiwi Searches. You can enter the phone number you wish to identify on the website, and this tool does all the work. The website runs the number through its database of public directories to find the required information.

When the person clicks on “see results,” the tools asks him to insert his information.

You’ll get the email with results in the form of a report.

The report will contain all the owners who owned the number until now, the carrier, type of phone line, and other such information.

You can also use Kiwi’s Person Search to find out more information about the people once you identify the phone number.

Trace Phone Number

It has been popularly used by people to trace the details of the owner of a phone number. Being fast and accurate is one of the most reliable tools to determine a person’s identity. You can type the STD phone numbers with or without zeros, hyphens, and spaces in the search box.

This website has covered almost all telecom operators. A field of “Available Number Since” has been provided for mobile numbers that are being searched. It gives information on how long since the time the number has been allotted. You also can get the location of the number using this website.

But its most significant disadvantage is that the website cannot differentiate between old and new numbers.

Google Search or Social Media

The real free people search for details of the person using social media and google searching. Type the phone number you want to search in the address bar of Google. You can also use Facebook for the same.

The result will contain all the accounts that are connected to the particular phone number on the internet. By visiting the profile, you can find the location of the phone number. But, you can only apply this method if the account is public.

Using Cityzor

Anyone searching for the identity of an unknown phone number can also use Cityzor ( This website allows you to search for an individual if you know his name, address, or phone number.

Not only the general information about the person but also information about his criminal and civil records.

Don’t worry; the data supplied over here are entirely legal obtained by scanning information on the internet and buying databases from trusted sources.

What’s more attractive about this site is its confidentiality and safety. Also, all these facilities are available for free on their website. However, if someone wants a more detailed report about the person, he needs to pay for an extended paid version of this website.


If nothing works, you can use the traditional method of white pages to find the result. You enter the number on this service and track down the home address associated with the phone number.

Using the phone number, it tracks down the user’s profile and reveals his detail in a secure and legit manner. However, in the US, this service is associated with the SS7 network.


Technology has become a weapon that can harm people but can also protect us against any problems. The mobile phone is a necessity, but the calls we access on the phone or the ones we miss can sometimes prove dangerous.

Thus, the information provided over these sites can help us to find out information about the people who call you and, therefore, can protect you or your family from threatening calls and spam numbers. If you find the unknown number to be spam, you can block it. It can also be useful if you find your partner receiving calls from a new number to make know with whom they are communicating.

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