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Everything To Expect From the 2024 T20 World Cup
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Everything To Expect From the 2024 T20 World Cup

Everything To Expect From the 2024 T20 World Cup – Cricket has become one of the most popular kinds of sports in the world right now. But it is especially very important for people of India. It is hard to deny that this kind of sport is exactly what most TV viewers are looking for – there are a lot of action and just exciting moments that cannot be ignored even by those who are not that interested in sports. It is easy to see why so many internet users cannot hold themselves from placing a bet at Betwinner BD website, as it feels like a truly good choice for people who want to make money without a need to spend a lot of time in the process. But there is something even more special for those who would like to see the grandest event of them all – the cricket world cup.

Why Do Millions of People Watch the T20 World Cup Every Year?

Just like in the case of soccer, millions of people are watching the world cup of cricket. It is easy to find internet users that are complaining over the format T20 World Cup has, because it is not seen as a world cup by many. There are a lot of those who compare it to the championship of FIFA and all they see is lower numbers. For example, there are 14 teams participating in case of cricket, while in soccer there are 32 teams. But like Forbes says, the Indian Premier League now has a place among the world’s most valuable sports teams. It means that as time goes by, the number of teams that are participating in the tournament can go up and it is going to be totally understandable.

In the past there were some problems with media coverage even for such big events, like the Cricket World Cup. This is why it looked not that big, like rugby for example. But people must be assured that the situation will get better in the future. In fact, it already does, as cricket is now very popular not only in India, but in other regions as well, such as Australia. Unfortunately, according to the official statistics, the viewership of the Cricket World Cup is still at least 10 times less impressive in comparison to FIFA.

But it does not mean people are not excited for the upcoming tournaments in this kind of sport. In fact they are already preparing themselves for what is about to come. As an example, it is possible to find a lot of people who are looking forward to placing a bet on one of the best batters in T20I Cricket this year. It is easy to find them, because they all are highlighted by social media and cricket experts from around the world. But it is important to think not only about the upcoming tournament, but also about the future of this championship as a whole. There is already intriguing news over how this tournament is about to look in 2024.

What The Future Holds For T20 World Cup

There are a couple of notable changes that come to the T20 World Cup. Here are the top things that all cricket fans should be ready for before placing bets on this tournament:

  • 20 teams are going to be participating, instead of 14 like it was in previous years;
  • Tournament will work in 2 phases before the knockouts;
  • Only 2 teams from each of 4 groups will move to the Super Eight phase. Remaining sides just split into 2 groups of 4.
  • Final 8 spots are decided during regional play.

Everybody already knows who is going to be a host of this tournament in 2024 – The West Indies and the USA. They take the first 2 sports in the championship, which is understandable and most people place them on betbuzz365 live exchange, because they have a record of pretty good results in the last couple of years. What makes this annual tournament even more exciting, is the fact that top 8 teams in Australia have already gained a spot in the 2024 edition of the World Cup. But there are also teams from Bangladesh and Afghanistan who are also the best teams in the list of the last couple of years. They have secured a spot for themselves as well.

It is very interesting to see who are the remaining teams that are going to deserve their place in this unique tournament. They are going to be decided by the region play, which includes following areas:

  • Africa – 2 qualifying spots;
  • Americas – 1 qualifying spot;
  • Asia – 2 qualifying spots;
  • East Asia-Pacific – 1 qualifying spots;
  • Europe – 2 qualifying spots.

This new format that was created specifically for the 2024 edition of the T20 World Cup makes upcoming events even more exciting.

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