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4 Industries in Downtown Toronto Taking Advantage of Digital Signage

4 Industries in Downtown Toronto Taking Advantage of Digital Signage

As people come roaring back into Toronto’s downtown core, businesses are breathing a sigh of relief. They’ve been struggling with the lack of commuters, tourists, day-trippers, and regular Torontonians spending time downtown. Everyone from retailers to restaurants to hotels have been hanging on by a nail, but now that crowds are back, they’re eager to compete for attention and wallets.

Many are turning to tech solutions to fight that battle, with portable digital billboards leading the way when it comes to marketing, enhancing visitor experiences, and reducing demands on over-stretched staff.

The evolution of digital sign technology has made it easier than ever for small and large businesses to work with a digital signage company in Toronto on solutions that maximize benefits and minimize the stress of design and installation.

These are some of the industries that are learning about the benefits of portable digital billboards and investing to make the most of a busy summer and fall season.

Tourism and Hospitality

The return of sports, concerts, trade shows, conferences, and relaxed restrictions at the border mean Canada’s biggest city is finally seeing a resurgence in tourism numbers. But as people begin to travel again, tourism and hospitality venues can capitalize on digital signage to enhance experiences and speed up processes, especially as they contend with labor shortages.

Portable digital billboards can be deployed for self check-in and check-out, greatly decreasing the pressure placed on staff during peak periods. They can also be used to provide venue information, partner advertising, and even upsell concierge services.

Real Estate

Prices are beginning to cool in the GTA housing market as high interest rates cool down buyer interest, but the condo market in the city core remains strong as work-from-home ends and people once again want to be close to jobs and amenities.

Developers looking for an edge on the competition are using portable digital billboards to generate interest and leads on-site. The right signage outside a development site can attract interest from community members and visitors, while they can also leverage QR codes to let prospective buyers take more information with them as they go.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade shows and conventions are an essential stream of tourism revenue in Toronto, bringing in business class visitors from around the province, country, and world. Their return means a busy summer schedule benefiting all kinds of industries in the city, but conventions and trade shows themselves have a lot to benefit from portable digital billboards, including:

  • Advertising and monetization
  • Wayfinding
  • Public health and safety messaging
  • Parking lot traffic management
  • Programming
  • Self check-in

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties have been through a rough patch, especially in Toronto, which was locked down three separate times throughout the pandemic.

But business is coming back to the core as companies bring employees back into the office, fans return to sports arenas, and concerts, festivals, and other events are back on schedule for the summer.

From office buildings to the PATH system to malls, commercial property managers are turning to portable digital billboards to introduce improved wayfinding and public messaging systems, as well as inject new life into retailers and restaurants that have been on life support for the last few years.

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