Having a stable Internet connection is something that users value a lot today. We have many ways to connect to the network, but not all of them always work correctly. Sometimes it can happen that at certain times the connection is disconnected or runs very slowly. On many of these occasions, the fault lies with the users. Perhaps due to not taking adequate measures to avoid it or because they are squeezing the connection above what they should. Now, we are going to tell some tips or tricks. So that the Internet does not disconnect when we watch a video or download it.

Why can the Internet be Disconnected? When Watching a Video or Downloading

Our connections have certain limits. On the other hand, there is the speed, but you also have to take into account the bandwidth. It should even be mentioned that a router has the capacity for certain devices at the same time. If something fails from what we discussed, it could lead to problems browsing the network or even disconnecting the Internet.

Let’s take as an example that we are playing 4K videos from a device connected to the network. Our connection is limited, and at the same time, we are browsing from other computers. This could cause the connection to malfunction.

The same could happen if we are downloading heavy files from a computer. It could affect the proper functioning of the network and run out of bandwidth, for example, to make a video call and not be cut.

Connections have indeed improved in recent years, but on many occasions, we continue to have problems in this regard. Therefore we are going to give a series of tips to avoid, or at least reduce, cuts and loss of speed in these cases.

How to Avoid Internet Outages and Loss of Speed

We can take into account a series of tips and measures that we can take to avoid disconnecting the Internet or outages and especially speed loss. This can happen when surfing the net, but it is accentuated when we are making intensive use of our connection. For example, we talk about when we watch a video on the Internet in 4K that requires a good connection, as well as when downloading heavy files.

Opt for Cable Versus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is increasingly used by users to surf the Internet. It is a way to be able to connect from most devices today. However, keep in mind that it is also more unstable. This means that we can have more cuts and problems, especially when we need the maximum guarantees to watch 4K videos or make downloads.

Whenever possible, the interesting thing, in this case, is to opt for the connection through the cable. We will have higher quality and stability of the connection.

Allocate Bandwidth

Without a doubt, the best thing we can do to avoid disconnecting the Internet when we are going to use the resources to the maximum from a device is to assign a certain bandwidth. In this way, we can guarantee a part of our Internet to a specific team. Thus, although from others, we may be using the connection a lot, there will always be a reserved margin to avoid cutting problems.

It is something we can do in Windows, for example. Thus we will always be assigned a certain bandwidth.

Change Band

If we connect wirelessly, we must bear in mind that the band we use is vital for the quality and speed of the Internet. The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are available to us on most modern routers. This makes us have to choose between one and the other.

When we connect a short distance from the router, and we want the maximum speed, the idea is to do it from the 5 GHz band. On the contrary, if we connect from a greater distance and when more devices can interfere, it is best to use the 2.4 less sensitive GHz band.

Disconnect Devices You Don’t Use

As we have mentioned, our Internet connection is limited. This means that all the devices that we have connected are going to consume resources in one way or another. Now, not all of them have to be connected at the same time. We can simply reduce the amount of connected equipment to navigate properly.

If we have problems when browsing or especially. When downloading files or watching heavy videos. The fact that having numerous connected devices may affect the quality of the connection. We can try to clear our router so that it does not have as many computers connected.

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