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How Malware can Affect Your Internet Speed

How Malware can Affect Your Internet Speed

Internet speed is very important to users. Many factors can influence when browsing the Internet and have good quality and stability. There are many reasons that can influence the speed to be lower. Many problems that can affect our devices and jeopardize speed. In this article, we are going to explain how malware can affect the Internet speed of our connection.

The Quality of the Connection is Vital for Users

If we talk about the speed of the Internet, we talk about one of the issues that most worry users. We live in a time when in one way or another, most of us live permanently connected to the network. Simply by having the phone switched on and receiving notifications, we are continuously connected to the network.

The quality of the connection will be vital for the proper functioning of the systems. There are many types of viruses, Trojans, and malware in general that can affect that good signal. If we have a large number of devices connected to the network and, therefore, dependent on the Internet, they may be depleted.

In these times it is common to have a large number of computers connected to the Internet in our homes. It is what is known as the Internet of Things devices. The televisions, video players. Many types of equipment that we have with connection to the network.

How Malware Can Affect Internet Speed

There are many bullying that can affect our computers in the form of malware. Many types of viruses that can jeopardize the proper functioning of computers and, ultimately, also affect our security and privacy.”

It can also randomly delete certain files (especially DLL ones). One of the most common malware-induced errors is the missing MSVCP120.dll file. And other files as well.

If we focus on the speed of the Internet, it can be reduced due to the malware that is on our devices. The reasons are various, and we will explain them below.

Use of the Equipment as a Bot

One of the causes that malware can affect the speed of the Internet is that it uses our equipment as a bot. In this way, they would be controlling our system, sending reports, collecting data. All these influences when it comes to obtaining the best results when using the Internet connection.

Consume Resources to Send Spam

There are several type of malware, and each one of them can act differently. However, some varieties can use system resources to send spam. What it does is use the resources available on our computer, on our connection, to carry out this type of attack.

Infects the Browser

Having a poor Internet connection is not exclusive to using the available resources. It could also be the case that it has affected the browser. This means that our connection may work correctly, but the browser, on the other hand, is loaded with adware and other threats that affect its operation.

An example of this that we discussed is the fact that malware can use browser extensions that affect its proper functioning. It would be necessary to have security tools that can detect this type of problem and thus prevent the entry of threats that cause a malfunction.

File Upload and Download

The malware could also use our equipment to upload and download files. It can run a large number of processes, send information, and ultimately maintain contact with the server controlled by hackers. This results in a loss of connection performance, and Internet speed would work worse.

Affect Team Performance

Something similar to what we said about browsers can happen with the performance of our team. It could be the case that our computer or mobile device has been affected by some variety of malware that is affecting its proper functioning. This means that when using tools to browse the Internet, for example, the results are not as expected.

Ultimately, malware can affect Internet speed in many different ways. It is, therefore, vital to keep the system clean and without any virus that could affect us. Something interesting is having security tools. A good antivirus can help us to avoid the entrance of malware and to analyze the system.

It will also be vital to keep devices up to date correctly. Sometimes problems can arise, vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. Having the latest patches and updates is vital to avoid problems. But in addition, it will also be necessary to use common sense and not make mistakes that could hinder the proper functioning of the systems.

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