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How to Know the LAN Speed in Windows 10?
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How to Know the LAN Speed in Windows 10?

Internet speed is an important factor for users. However, it must be borne in mind that different aspects come into play here that must be understood. On the other hand, there is, logically, the speed that we have contracted. It is also important the type of router we have, the device from which we connect, or if we do it by cable or wirelessly. If we connect by cable, it is important what type it is and the speed it accepts. That is why in this article we are going to explain how to know the LAN speed in Windows 10. This way, we will know the real capacity.

How to Know the LAN Speed in Windows 10?

Something we can do with our computers is to pass files between them. We can do it both wirelessly (logically, it will go slower) and by cable. Now, what speed can our LAN cable support? That is what we are going to talk about in this article.

To know what the LAN speed in Windows 10 , we can make use of some external tools. One of them is the LAN Speed Test. It is a simple application, and it has the functionality to tell us what our LAN speed is in Windows 10. It will show us both the reading and writing speed.

The first thing we have to do is download LAN Speed Test. It has a paid version, but for what we are interested in, the simple and free version is enough. Keep in mind that we do not need to install it since it is portable. Although we are going to focus on Windows 10, which today is the most used operating system on desktop computers, we can also use it on macOS.

When we have it downloaded, we simply have to run it. Later we give Start Test, and a window will open for us to choose a folder. The idea is that this folder has at least one file or several. What it does is simulate the LAN speed to read and write or, in other words, download, and upload.

Once we run the test, the results do not take long to appear. By default, the measurement comes in Mbps. However, we can change it and put Gbps, Kbps, etc.

What Causes the LAN to be Slow?

There are several causes that we must take into account for which the LAN can work slow. On the other hand, the system hardware from which we are transferring files. This hardware may not support faster transfer speeds. This includes everything from the hard drive or the speed of the SSD (since data is read or written from it) to the speed supported by the network card itself.

But you also have to take into account the speed supported by the router and the cable we are using. There are Gigabit Ethernet cables, which support up to 1 Gbps, while others are Fast Internet and only support up to 100 Mbps. If we want maximum speed, we must have a cable that is compatible with Gigabit Ethernet.

If we are going to send files to another computer, the speed of that system also matters. It will not matter if the equipment that sends it has the maximum speed. If then, the one that has to receive it cannot work in the best guarantees.

In short, using this tool that we mentioned and following these steps, we can know what the LAN speed is in Windows 10 . As we have indicated, this has nothing to do with the Internet speed that we have contracted or even that which reaches us. We may be using the wrong cable, or there is a problem that prevents sending and receiving files at maximum speed through LAN.

The Importance of Taking Care of Our Systems

On the other hand, we want to mention the importance of maintaining security and taking care of our systems. This will also affect the speed of the Internet and the proper functioning of the equipment. We must have antivirus and other security tools. In this way, we will be able to face possible problems that may put our security at risk.

It will also always be necessary to have the latest updates and security patches. It is also important that the network card has the latest version of the firmware and thus avoid performance problems.

All this, in the end, influences to have a good Internet speed and that the quality and stability of the connections do not decrease.

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