What You Need to Know About Dedicated Proxies for Businesses? – Today, the internet is a fundamental part of the operations of many companies. Although the internet has many benefits, new threats and challenges have also arisen. Fortunately, there are various ways that you can make full use of the web and add a protection layer for your data and enterprise. One of the best and most effective methods is to use a dedicated proxy. Read on to learn more about this tool.

Dedicated Proxies vs. Shared Proxies

Even though shared and dedicated proxies are both proxy servers that offer privacy benefits, they aren’t made equal. The main difference between them is the number of users on a particular proxy. A dedicated or private proxy implies it is a proxy specifically allocated to a device or user. On the other hand, shared proxies have multiple users using them simultaneously.

A private proxy will give you more comprehensive coverage than a shared proxy in terms of cybersecurity. But because of this, a dedicated proxy server is usually a bit more expensive than its counterpart.

Why Should Businesses Use Dedicated Proxies?

Nowadays, there are so many types of proxies in the market. However, among all the available choices, a dedicated proxy is one of the best for businesses. Here is a list of reasons:

  • Internet anonymity

Internet anonymity is one central benefit enterprises will acquire from a dedicated proxy. A private proxy will give you a unique IP address exclusive to your enterprise. For many companies, hiding IP addresses is essential when it comes to bypassing censorship and geographic restrictions. This way, they can study trends relating to their niche and do broader market research.

  • Social media management

You can’t deny that social media is powerful. Many businesses are investing in social media campaigns to attract more audiences. One technique that most companies use is opening multiple accounts on a particular platform. Unfortunately, doing this is not easy since some platforms limit the number of accounts controlled from one IP address. However, with a private proxy, you can easily bypass this restriction.

  • Bandwidth savings

One major complaint of other types of proxy servers is how they slow user connections. This cause of slow connection is because they consume part of a user network’s bandwidth; thus, the speed is slower. But with a dedicated server, that’s not the case. This is because private proxies don’t share their bandwidth with anyone on the web. Also, they have a unique technology that allows them to perform web caching and compress data.

Business Use Cases of Private Proxies

Businesses are using dedicated proxies to complete various business processes. Here are some of a company’s most popular use cases of private proxies.

  • Content curation

This involves finding the most relevant content on the internet and then sharing it with your online audiences in an organized manner. Content curation is long and tedious, but automation tools can simplify the process. However, these tools must run with a dedicated proxy so that websites with strict security measures can’t easily block them.

  • Web scraping

Web scraping implies using pieces of code to gather the data you want from various sites automatically. Some web scraper tools allow you to enter additional criteria like social media engagement into their parameters. Technically, these tools scrape online platforms to get the information you need.

Unfortunately, most websites don’t allow web scraping tools on their websites. They have anti-bot measures that automatically flag and block IP addresses once they suspect a bot-like behavior. You can use dedicated proxies and customize your tools to imitate human conduct. Do you want to learn how to scrape websites using Python? Then, make sure you read the full blog post here. IPRoyal’s proxies take web scraping to a whole new level.

  • SEO research and reporting

Whether it is rank tracking or keyword research, SEO automation tools are used often because they are more inclusive, fast, and accurate than doing the task manually. No matter what you use, always maximize your efforts using dedicated proxies. One enemy of SEO tools is your target sites’ strict security measures against bots.


Indeed, dedicated proxies can offer plenty of benefits to businesses, making it worth every coin. So, if you plan to get a dedicated proxy service, ensure that you deal with a reliable company. Remember, some service providers are better than others. So, ensure you do your research to avoid issues and inconveniences.