The digital world is rife with threats. As you navigate the intricate networks and troves of information, there’s always the risk of a cyber breach lurking. It’s not just you that’s at risk; large and small organizations are at the mercy of cybercriminals. But imagine if you had two rock-solid solutions to these challenges. With the expert guidance of cybersecurity mavens like Jorge Rojas from Tektonic Managed Services in Vaughan, Ontario, and Ashu Bhoot of Orion Networks in Washington, DC, you can fortify your digital fortresses like never before.

Traditional Phishing Education Programs: The Current Problem

Phishing is the #1 cause of data breaches. Think about that for a moment. Traditional phishing education programs, however, are not doing enough. These programs often assess how often employees fail to detect simulated phishing emails, essentially testing their recollection of training that they viewed months earlier. Isn’t it perplexing that we test them on outdated metrics instead of evaluating and incentivizing the actions we want our employees to perform – that is, swiftly identifying and reporting phishing emails?

This raises the question, why haven’t we evolved in pace with cybercriminals? That’s the precise reason behind the creation of Catch Phish.

The SLAM Method: Instant Threat Identification

Catch Phish equips your employees with potential phishing threats in their inboxes, utilizing the groundbreaking SLAM method. It’s no longer about a vague sense of danger but a well-defined alert system that keeps them prepared.

Invigorating Participation: Awareness and Training

With Catch Phish, you can inspire employees to participate in cybersecurity initiatives. They’re prompted to watch weekly training videos and complete annual training courses within Outlook. The whole process saves time and keeps them abreast of the latest threats.

Human Defenses: The Fortification We Need

The power of humans in safeguarding your digital assets is unsurpassed. Bolstering this power is what Catch Phish is all about. This is achieved through real-time threat identification, gamification, and positive reinforcement.

Real-Time Email Analysis: Keeping Employees Informed

The Email Analysis feature of Catch Phish offers users instant security threat alerts via the SLAM method. This ingenious method scrutinizes the Sender, Links, Attachments, and Message (SLAM) of an email to enlighten users about potential dangers. The more users interact with Catch Phish, the better they recognize actual phishing emails and threats.

Sender Analysis

Catch Phish can scrutinize the sender’s email address, verify its domain legitimacy, identify tracking pixels, reveal Dark Web exposure, and much more!

Links Analysis

Catch Phish doesn’t stop scanning the links within an email for malicious content. It even identifies deep links on the destination page of the URL.

Attachments Analysis

Spam filters may often identify malicious attachments, but threats still slip through. Catch Phish is your second defense line, analyzing each attachment for potentially harmful content.

Message Analysis

From identifying flagged phrases to pinpointing words commonly found in legitimate phishing emails, Catch Phish guides users on exactly what language within a message should ring the alarm.

Custom-Made For Vaughan, Ontario Businesses

Catch Phish was built with Vaughan, Ontario businesses in mind. From invaluable in-email support to seamless phishing reporting and boosted productivity for your technicians, experience the difference that Catch Phish can make, starting today.

Boosting Productivity

Tired of employees incessantly asking your technicians, “Is this link safe to click?” Equip them with automated tools like Catch Phish to save your technicians’ time and enhance productivity.

One-Click Phishing Reporting

Knowing about a threat sooner rather than later equips you to handle it better. Cybersecurity With Catch Phish, employees can forward potential phishing emails safely to any designated email accounts or ticketing systems.

Client Analytics & Customization

With Catch Phish, you can monitor reporting details within phishing reports and adjust settings at a global or per-client level.

In cybersecurity, being reactive and proactive is between a victim and a victor. Embrace this game-changing tool with cutting-edge technology and human psychology to equip your employees with the skills to combat phishing threats head-on.