Passwords are the first barrier we can use to protect ourselves from intruders. As we know, having a complex and strong password is essential to protect our accounts and records. However, many users do not take into account the necessary measures for this. They make mistakes that can put Wi-Fi networks or any device that uses a password at risk. In this article(blog), we are going to give 10 interesting tips to have really strong passwords.

10 Tips for Perfect Passwords

10 Tips for Perfect Passwords

Character Mix

One of the first premises to create a really strong password is to mix all kinds of symbols. By this, we mean to use letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other special characters.

It is important not to generate keys that are simply numbers or letters. The interesting thing is that it contains all kinds of symbols and thus be stronger.

Totally Random

It is also essential that this password be completely random. We should not make use of keys that can be easily found out or that use a sequence of letters or numbers that can be predicted. The important thing is that they are totally random.

Avoid Words that Connect us

Continuing with the thread that we mentioned, it is also necessary to avoid words that relate to us. This can also be applied when entering digits. We mustn’t use words such as our name or digits such as our DNI or date of birth, as they could be more easily found out.

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Unique Passwords

On the other hand, the password must be unique. We should never use that same key on more than one site at the same time. If there is a vulnerability that affect a platform, it could produce a domino effect that ends up affecting all our accounts in which we are using the same password.

Suitable Length

Of course, the password has to be long enough to make it difficult to find out. Keep in mind that each additional symbol that we put will grant an extra security barrier. A password that has 6 digits will be much more complete than one that has 5. Another key with 7 symbols will be exponentially more secure than another one with 6.

Hence, we can say that the length of a password is going to be essential for it to be really strong and complex. The more digits you have, the better.

Never Use the One that Comes From the Factory

A common mistake among users is to keep a password that comes from the factory. We should never do that, as it could easily be found out by potential intruders. Sometimes they use the same patterns. It is very important that on our router, mobile, or any device, we change the password that could come from the factory.

Change it Frequently

It is advisable to change it frequently. We already know that in many cases, they can use brute force to try to steal a password. Sometimes they could try for a long time until they found the solution.

Our advice is to change passwords regularly. In this way, we will increase security a little more and prevent it from being found out after repeated attempts.

Make Use of Key Managers

There are many password managers that we can use. They are available for both mobile and desktop devices. Some are free, while in other cases, we may come across payment options.

In any case, using a key manager can help us generate those strong passwords we want, as well as being able to manage all the ones we have. We will not have to remember them, and we can make use of them.

Use Two-Step Authentication

As a complement to passwords, we can use two-step authentication. It is one more barrier to improve the security of our accounts. In case someone could steal our key in some way, they would need that second step to enter. It can be a code that we receive by SMS, for example.

Store Them Safely

It is useless to have a password that is very strong and complex if we are going to write it down in a text file on the desktop of our computer. It seems strange, but the truth is that many users do this. We even talk about company computers where they keep passwords in this type of file in plain text.

If someone had access to that computer through some malware or even physically, they could easily access the saved passwords. Therefore it is very important to store them safely. It is best to use password managers, who have a master key and are fully encrypted.

In short, these are some interesting tips to generate and maintain passwords with total security. The objective is none other than to keep our accounts and records safe from possible intruders that may compromise our privacy.