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What is Connector? – Types of Connectors

What is Connector? – Types of Connectors

Connector – In the age of computing, the word connection has become one of the most used terms by users around the world. And this has to do with the fact that always when using a computing device or a computer. They carry out a series of different types of connections. Although the word connection in our days we usually associate it directly to the internet. The truth is that when talking about connection. All types of links that exist between a computing device and different hardware elements that connect to each other through some type of connection platform.

In this way, on our computer, we can find USB, HDMI, DVI, and other connectors. As well as those connectors to use, speakers and microphone with our PC. Taking this into account, we know. For example, that for peripherals such as the monitor, mouse, or keyboard that we frequently use with our PC. They need to connect to the computer in order for them to work. And this connection can occur through different standards. Connection, so specific connectors are used for each one.
Precisely here, we tell you what each of the types of connectors that we can find in a team is about.

What is a Connector?

In order to define what a connector is use on the computer. We must bear in mind that it is also necessary to discern what types of elements. We want to connect to the PC and how they are connected. That is, what are the protocol and their connection process.

The foremost thing we must know is that a connection is ultimately the procedure by which two or more devices communicate in order to send and receive information without problems. At this point, we must take into account that there are input and output devices. That is, those that enter information and those that receive it.

In general, a connector is to describe the element that the computer has through which we connect a type of plug to the PC. For example when we use one of the computer’s USB ports to connect a printer. And thus be able to print a document that we have created on the computer.

Then we can say that the so-called connections of our PC are those available expansion slots that the equipment has, to which we connect the connectors that are usually at the end of the cables that the devices have. As well as small devices For wireless connections, which usually use USB ports.

Each of these elements, both input and output peripherals. Work when they connect to the computer through its connection ports. Where the different types of connectors for said hardware elements enter.

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What the Most Common Types of Connectors?

HDMI- connector

Here we tell you what the most common types of connectors that almost all computers include are, and we explain in broad strokes what the specific function of each one is.

USB Connector

The USB abbreviations correspond to the abbreviation of the Universal Serial Bus. Basically, it is a plug-and-play interface. Which gives us the possibility of connecting or communicating different peripherals with the computer. Among which we can find keyboards, mice, flash drives, headphones, microphones, printers, and others.

Due to the characteristics of this connection standard, the USB connector can also use it to send power to some devices. For example, we can connect our cell phone to the PC through the USB connector to charge the smartphone battery.

Because of what has been done extensive use of the USB connector and the great features offered, now all computers have one or more USB ports. In addition, it is always possible to add more USB ports to a PC through the addition of a HUB.

Likewise, portable devices such as tablets and smartphones also usually have USB connectors, in most cases called mini USBs, through which, using an OTG connector, users can connect pen drives, mice, keyboards, and other items.

Through a USB connector, we can connect to our equipment the most diverse devices. Such as cameras, external hard drives, USB sticks, MP3 players, keyboards, microphones, mice, printers, joysticks, scanners, webcams and many more.

HDMI Connector

The HDMI connector, which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Consists of a type of high definition multimedia interface. That is, this connector is capable of transmitting high-quality, high-bandwidth audio and video streams between different devices.

Through a single cable, the HDMI connector allows us to replace the traditional audio and composite video cables, and in this way, we have a much easier connection between devices. In addition, the HDMI standard allows us to transmit standard, improved, and high definition video signals. As far as sound(audio) is concerned, it is possible with HDMI to transmit up to 8 channels of digital audio signals at the same time.

Due to its characteristics, the type of HDMI connection standard is often used in different devices for multimedia playback, including projectors, DVD and Blu-Ray players, as well as HDTV devices.

Many modern computers include an HDMI connector, but also, if it does not have one, it is always possible to add a video card that includes this standard. We can also find this type of connection in portable devices such as tablets.

RJ45 Connector

The so-called RJ-45 connector is a type of connection that has 8 pins, and RJ45 is use for Ethernet network adapters. It is usually used to connect the computer’s network card to a network device, such as a network router.

Well, what is a network interface board? Basically, it is an Ethernet board and network adapter, with which a computer can connect to a network using an Ethernet cable that has an RJ-45 connector.

Due to its widespread use, most computers today have a network interface included directly on the computer’s motherboard.

Firewire Connector

Developed in 1995 by the Apple company. The Firewire connector is considered by many to be a type of connector very similar to the USB standard. And the truth is that there are many similarities between the two.

Also known as IEEE-1394. The Firewire connector is basically a digital bus that has a bandwidth of 400-800 Mbps. Which allows it to handle up to 63 units on the same bus.

Just like the USB connector, the Firewire connector has dozens of different devices, including devices such as cameras, removable drives, and more.

DVI Connector

The DVI connector, short for Digital Visual Interface. Consists roughly of a video display interface that is use for streaming digital video content on devices with high resolutions.

We can find this type of connector in some computer monitors, projectors, and televisions. Still, the truth is that nowadays. It is much more common for these computers to have an HDMI connector than a DVI connector.

In the case that we have a monitor and a computer that include the DVI standard. It is always recommended to connect both through this type of connector instead of through VGA. Since the image quality that we achieve through of the DVI connector will always be higher.

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Speaker Connector

In general, when we refer to the connector for speakers, we usually define it as the audio and sound output port, which locate inside a computer on the sound card that it includes.

The connector for speakers gives us the possibility of connecting. As its name implies, external speakers to the PC, as well as we can connect through its headphones or other output devices with which to transfer audio that is reproduced by Computer.

In the case of smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops, all of them have an audio output connector. Precisely where we usually connect our headphones, where it is possible to connect a Mini Plug cable, and there we can also connect speakers.

Microphone Connectors

The hardware peripheral called computer users widely use a microphone. Since it allows us to input audio into the PC. With which we can record our voice, perform VoIP communications, use voice recognition, use them in games, in chats, to make podcasts, record instruments and more.

When we refer to a computer microphone. We must bear in mind that there are two types of microphones. On the one hand, the external ones. Which consist of peripherals that are purchased separately and are connected to the PC through the sound card of the same. And on the other hand the internal ones. Which are the ones that generally include laptops and are shown with small holes located next to the legend “MIC” in some part of the body of the equipment.

It should be note here that in addition to connecting a microphone. To a computer through the sound card of the same. It is also possible to do it through the USB port of the PC, provided that the microphone we use has a USB connector.

Because the microphone sends information to the PC. It is considered an input device.

Differences Between Connectors, Port, Plug, and Jack

To avoid confusion regarding the connectors, ports, plugs, and Jack that computers have. We are going to explain in broad strokes what are the characteristics of each one of them.

When we talk about a plug. We are referring to the part of a cable that connects to a computer port, that is, the plug must always be connected to something else. Such as a port or a connector.

In the case of the connector. It is the only end of a plug that is use to connect a device with a port. For example, the expansion plates that a desktop computer may have. Which have a connector with which it is It is possible to connect this board to a slot on the computer’s motherboard.

We also talk about connectors when we refer to cables since, at the end of the cables. We find some type of connector with which we can connect a device to a port on the PC. Such as USB cables that have a USB connector.

Regarding the ports, they are usually a slot found in the body of the computer. In which it is possible to connect plugs or connectors. Since they coincide in their physical form, being one female and the other male.

A clear example of computer ports is those that are in the back of the computer’s cabinet. Which have a rounded shape. Which serves one to connect a keyboard and the other to connect a mouse, and are called PS ports.

Finally, when we refer to jack. We must bear in mind that it is something similar to a port. Since it basically consists of a connection hole or slot. Which includes computers and through which it is possible to connect a plug or connector make it compatible with that jack.

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