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Some Major Computer Accessories You Need to know

Some Major Computer Accessories You Need to know

The versatility of computers is amazing. It allows an infinite number of ways of work, entertainment, and interaction. This, however, they do not achieve on their own. Computer accessories are a vital part because, in the vast majority of the time. They are the means through which we will carry out our activities on the computer.

Sometimes it is also important not only the activity that we are doing but also how we do it. Taking care of your health is important, and if you are one of those who spends several hours a day in front of the computer, you should probably keep reading, since here we bring you the best computer accessories   available.

Mechanical keyboard

This type is a keyboard whose operating mechanism is a mechanical switch, rather than the more popular elastic membrane switches, or capacitor-based switches. Mechanical keyboards are very recognizable by the ‘click’ that occurs when pressing the keys Keyboards that use this technology are more reliable and durable.

Headphones and Speakers

Although, in principle, you might think that the headphones of your smartphone or those that came with your computer are all you need, you are wrong. The computer and its accessories apply to the sound quality of a device such as the Philips Fidelio X2, or the Sennheiser HD650 is excellent, if you buy one, it will radically change the way we experience music.

If you are an enthusiast of content creation, work with audiovisual material, or just want to enjoy every part of your favorite music, make sure you get a pair of good quality headphones. You will notice how they provide an experience that is completely on another level.

Mouse – Computer Mouse

Even if you’re not interested in video games, mouse gamers are great choices for general-purpose mice due to their comfort, higher DPI, lower latency, and extra customizable buttons for faster action. If you work, for example, in art and 3D models, this comes as a ring to your finger.

External PC hard drives

If you are one of those who prefer to download before using streaming services, external hard drives are the solution to your storage problems, and it is a primary complement to your computer and its accessories. You can get some up to 2TB for very low prices. Due to its portability, you also make sure you always have the data you need on hand.

USB flash drives

There are for your personal, portable, or stationary equipment, the most recognized and recommended USBs, such as Edge DiskGO SuperSpeed ​​3.0, Corsair Flash Voyager, Imation Swive, Kingston DataTraveler G3, Sandisk, LEXAR, Tribe and Swarovski, among others.

External Computer Accessories

There are also computer accessories that are not peripheral devices; that is, they do not connect to the computer to function. Many of them, however, are very useful when it comes to taking care of your equipment and your well-being. Next, we present to you the best ones.

Mouse Pads

It’s incredible how such a simple piece can have such a big impact. Its objective is to provide an optimal surface where you can slide the mouse. Its size helps you have great freedom of movement to move the cursor and avoids direct rubbing of the mouse with your desktop so that it does not deteriorate due to friction.

Ergonomic Chairs –  for Gamer

A great evil that afflicts those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer is back pain. Maintaining a similar position for hours can be damaging whatever it is, but it is also true that many people adopt terrible postures when using the computer.

Preventing the risk to your muscles of sitting incorrectly is the purpose of ergonomic chairs. Many have reached the point of suffering chronic pain from poor posture. But it is an evil that we can easily prevent if we take the appropriate considerations. An ergonomic chair will prevent future health problems.

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