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Why You Need Cloud-Based Solutions for Mobile App Development

Why You Need Cloud-Based Solutions for Mobile App Development

Why You Need Cloud-Based Solutions for Mobile App Development – Cloud computing has been in place for quite a while, transforming how web development companies work and create new products, store data, and organize their resources. Innovation-oriented businesses already use cloud-based computing in many ways, from mobile banking app development to various gaming products, though the sphere is still far from mature.

So, what are the pros of using cloud-based dev resources instead of sticking to the server-based, offline IT infrastructure? Here is a definitive guide to using cloud computing in mobile web development.

#1 Security Gains

Security is the primary source of hesitation when adopting cloud-based solutions for mobile app development. You might think that you’ll have a better grasp of all security issues with a server-based infrastructure. Easy remote access to data stored in the cloud can make anyone think that hackers and criminals can access it as well.

But let’s think of the scale of the cloud provider’s responsibility for thousands of clients entrusting their sensitive data to it. Every reputable company has robust military-level security measures put in place to guarantee maximum protection of your data and files. Thus, cloud storage appears much more secure, letting you take the burden of security protection off your shoulders, concentrating on other business priorities.

#2 Impressive ROI

At first, you might think that a transition to cloud-based services is costly and unaffordable for your business. Indeed, it may come with a considerable price tag, but the gains you receive outweigh the costs in most cases. As a result of designing your pricing plan, you will get as much space and resources as you need, quickly cutting the costs of offline software and hardware. Besides, the number of cloud providers is growing, so they reduce costs to preserve a competitive advantage and win more clients.

#3 Flexibility

Most cloud providers are highly flexible in their pricing plans, allowing you to customize the package you pay for and remove the features you don’t need. Thus, by entrusting the IT hosting, data storage, and critical web development infrastructure to a cloud provider, you become more flexible in choosing IT resources. You won’t need to buy a new expensive server to meet your growing data storage demands; you won’t face bandwidth challenges by switching to a faster plan with your provider whenever you need.

#4 Effective Disaster Recovery

A disaster-related downtime or permanent data loss is every business owner’s nightmare. Emergencies are unpredictable and poorly manageable, so you should always have a plan B (and C) to ensure that your critical business data stays intact. Holding all information on on-site servers is a bad plan because a flood or a fire can permanently destroy them, causing irreparable damage and business failure. Even if you use server-based computing, make sure you store a backup copy of your data in the cloud to protect data from all risks.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Mobile App Development

#5 Robust Quality Monitoring

A cloud-based solution for your web development business will always guarantee that your files and code are stored in a single location. In this way, you will have complete control over data, avoiding data fragmentation in your corporate system. Such consistency is beneficial in mobile development, especially if you employ distributed teams working from different locations and requiring access to a unified data source.

#6 Database Integration

Server-based development environments need specific software and human resources for importing all database information into the newly launched app. However, you have a convenient synchronization function removing all complexity from the database integration procedure with cloud solutions. Thus, when you use a cloud-based server for mobile app development, you don’t need to bother about the database integration hassle.

#7 Mobility

As the amounts of data stored by individuals and companies continue to increase, their storage on offline servers and memory devices gets more expensive and cumbersome. However, filtering the essential programs, information, and apps and deleting the rest may take ages for an average person, let alone a large corporation.

Thus, a convenient solution is cloud-based storage of the essential business data that doesn’t take any offline space and doesn’t require any expensive hardware. When using subscription-based cloud storage, you can choose the amount of space specifically for your needs, never paying for extra, redundant resources. This flexible storage makes your business operations mobile, with access to cloud storage available in any place with an Internet connection.

#8 Big Data Analytics

All cloud providers have robust analytical tools in place, allowing their users to exploit the immense power of big data to derive vital business insights and make evidence-based decisions. By partnering with a cloud provider, you won’t need to purchase expensive software for mobile web development and analytics, using the endless resources of your cloud-based solution with ease.

#9 Cross-Platform Universality

The majority of cloud-based computing providers allow frictionless mobile app creation for all platforms at once. From now on, you won’t need to go the extra mile and develop solutions separately for Android and iOS platforms; it’s all included in the cloud platform’s functionality. Thus, developers need to spend less time and fewer resources on mobile app development, maximizing their performance and ROI.

#10 Absence of Installation Requirements

Whenever you purchase new software, you need to involve a skilled staff member to install that program and start using it in mobile app development. With cloud-based solutions, the process gets much simpler and faster, with no installation needed. Simply enter the system by typing the code of access and embracing the rich toolkit and storage space conveniently provided to you by the company. All onboarding and troubleshooting information is available from chatbots or a local Wiki, giving you the full spectrum of mobile development tools at your fingertips.

Cloud Computing Is the Future of Mobile App Development

As you can see, cloud computing is becoming a popular choice among mobile app developers because of the flexibility and endless scalability it offers. You can reduce the costs of your startup by avoiding the purchase of expensive software and servers. A simple subscription for cloud-based solutions can become your all-in-one resource of essential storage space, web development tools, and professional advice.

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