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How to Clean a Keyboard of a Computer and Laptop?

How to Clean a Keyboard of a Computer and Laptop?

When you have a computer, whether desktop or mechanical, or a laptop, it is common always to clean the screen and forget about accessories and components such as the mouse and, above all, the keyboard. A piece this last one that is key that is clean because, really, it works very poorly when it is dirty. And it is not only dust but sometimes they accumulate grease or feel sticky due to continued contact with hands, sweat or because a product has fallen on the keyboard, which happens

For example, when you have bad habits like eating on top of it. Regardless of whether the keyboard is more or less dirty, it is always recommended to clean it regularly. Now, we are going to explain how to clean the keyboard and the different ways to do it, either from a desktop computer or from a laptop. In addition, we tell you a series of tips so that you know how to clean a very dirty keyboard.

How to Clean a Computer Keyboard?

The keyboard of a desktop computer is the easiest to clean because it can be disconnected from the USB port to handle and move it better than in the case of a laptop or a MAC. There are several ways we have to clean a computer keyboard, depending on whether it is more or less dirty:

Turn it Over

The easiest method to clean it is to turn it over and shake it lightly so that crumbs, food scraps, lint. Fall between the keys and corners. After turning it over, you end up with a damp cloth or simply a cloth to remove the dust.

Vacuuming the Keyboard

Using a small, special vacuum cleaner for the keyboard is also quite effective in keeping it clean. If you don’t have it, you can use the one you have to vacuum the sofa, but putting a program with little power to avoid sucking the keys.

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Pass a Brush Between the Keys

when the keyboard is not very dirty, it can also be cleaned with a specific brush to clean the dust, although you can also use a microfiber cloth or feather duster that catches the dust.

Compressed Air Pears

They are a solution to remove dust or dirt residues in corners or under the keys through the air. The remains can then be removed when a feather duster or cloth or vacuum.

Cleaning the Keyboard with Alcohol

The previous methods are more thought when the keyboard is not very dirty. But how do you clean a very dirty keyboard? In this case, what you have to do is use isopropyl alcohol because this way, you will be able to remove the grease and all the sticky things that are on the keyboard.

You must use it carefully so as not to remove the letters and numbers from the keys. For this, it is necessary to apply it only in the most dirty area or on the glob to remove it, for which you can help yourself with a cotton swab. If you need to spread it all over the keyboard, moisten a cloth in a little isopropyl alcohol – you can wash it down with a little water – and dry quickly afterward with another cloth or dry cloth. So easy you can disinfect the keyboard of a computer.

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard?

The cleaning a laptop keyboard or laptop is more or less like a PC with the exception of the method of turning and shaking. The most recommended in this case is to opt for the compressed air pear or the slightly damp cloth or the feather duster.

However, when the keys or areas of the keys are very dirty, the solution is none other than to arm yourself with patience and take a swab slightly moistened with water and run it around to remove all the dirt. It is important to pass, as soon as you finish, another dry cloth or swab to remove the remains of moisture and that the computer is not damaged.

And, if you need to remove the keys, there is no other choice but to use the so-called spudgers or key extractor. These devices are like a kind of levers, which help to extract them after applying a light pressure under them so that they come out and, consequently, you can remove all the dust and dirt.

How to Clean a Keyboard Inside?

Occasionally, it may also be necessary to clean the keyboard from the inside, especially for desktops that have a mechanical keyboard. On laptops, this is more complicated because you would have to open the laptop, not being convenient if you don’t have previous knowledge.
However, if you have a mechanical keyboard on your desktop computer, it is easier to clean inside. To do this, you just:

  • Remove the back.
  • Pass a brush inside (if the keys have a rubber, you must move it to be able to remove the dirt and clean it off the keyboard before putting it back. To remove or move the rubbers, you can help yourself with a key extractor).
  • Wipe with a damp cloth – you can use a little isopropyl alcohol – and dry well.
  • Put the gums well dry if you have removed them.
  • Close the keyboard, making sure beforehand that everything is very dry.

With these tips on how to clean the keyboard, we hope we have helped you know how to maintain proper hygiene in this peripheral. Anyway, always when in doubt, consult the instructions when you bought the equipment or the keyboard or ask the store or an expert to tell you what is the best way to clean your keyboard.

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