Buy Payeer by Visa and MasterCard card – Payeer is a popular payment system that has thousands of active users. Their number continues to grow because the platform opens up a wide range of opportunities for customers, and its electronic wallets can be used to pay for various types of goods and services. And the first task that arises before every new user is replenishing an electronic account. The good news is that the site lists all the available methods for conducting financial transactions. These are:

  • bank transfer. A person fills out a deposit order on the website and receives details that will then be used to make a transfer;
  • payment terminals – first, you also need to leave a request on the EPS website, receiving a special number that will be needed for the transfer;
  • electronic exchangers – the site works with 200 different services, so there is plenty to choose from.

Considering that we are talking about replenishing a wallet from a credit card, the ideal option for this case is to use the services of one of the electronic exchangers. This will allow you to quickly and profitably complete the transaction, eliminating possible difficulties. It remains to understand the details.

Why is it convenient to work with exchangers?

It is an exchange service most often chosen by users who want to buy Payeer by Visa and MasterCard card on This is not surprising because this solution has some advantages:

  • you can conclude a deal at any suitable time;
  • there are a lot of exchangers on the Internet, so you can choose the best offer;
  • even considering that it is planned to replenish the Payeer E-Wallet with dollars, the owner of a Credit Card USD will only have one transaction. Currency conversion occurs at the time of transfer and the current exchange rate;
  • funds are credited to the EPS account very quickly. Usually, the balance is replenished within 3-5 minutes;
  • the transfer is carried out online, so there is no need to go or travel anywhere.

All that remains is to choose a suitable exchanger.

Where to look for a reliable exchange service and how to conduct a transaction

Let us immediately note that looking for an exchanger on the Internet on your own is strictly not recommended. Due to inexperience, you risk stumbling upon scammers. It is best to take advantage of the offers of a specialized monitoring portal, such as, aggregator of cryptocurrency e-exchangers which provides a listing of exchange offices that the administration has thoroughly checked. These are reliable services, proven by hundreds or even thousands of transactions. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security of the transfer, paying more attention to the selection of conditions.

To assess the breadth of possibilities, you just need to see how many exchange services offer the exchange of dollars from a credit card to Payeer. There are a lot of options. And it remains to decide on the optimal one. When choosing a suitable offer, look at:

  • the amount of the reserve;
  • restrictions on convertible amounts;
  • conversion rate and commission;
  • translation type: manual or automatic;
  • user reviews.

To understand more precisely whether a particular offer is suitable, it makes sense to follow the link to the page where the special calculator is located and try to convert currencies at current rates. You will see how different the resulting figure is from the exchangers’ offers, and you will be able to choose the best option.

All that remains is to finalize the deal. You need to fill out a small standard application form by going to the exchanger’s website. After confirmation, follow further instructions to buy electronic money for dollars from a credit card.