When we browse the Internet, some different services or platforms will require better speed. An example is when playing streaming videos. Here YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most used platforms. The point is that we don’t always have an acceptable connection to be able to watch videos without cuts. We are going to talk about it in this article. We are going to give a series of tips on how to watch YouTube videos without(Avoid) cuts. Some recommendations to make better use of the connection and avoid problems.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Without Cuts

YouTube is undeniably one of the most popular streaming video viewing platforms. It has a large number of users worldwide. However, it does not always work properly. Sometimes we can run into problems that cause the connection not to work properly and, ultimately, YouTube videos are cut.

Luckily we can take into account different tips so that YouTube videos are not cut when playing them. Keep in mind that our connection will not always be as stable, as well as the difference between some devices and others.

Play with Video Quality

One of the most important tips to improve the reproduction of videos on YouTube and not have problems with cuts is to play with quality. As we know, we can configure the videos to make it look better or worse. The quality will make us consume more or less data, but it can also be used to load more fluids.

If we choose the highest quality in a video, it will take longer to load it, and it will require a higher speed. If instead, we choose to reduce the quality, we may have fewer problems for the videos to load.

Therefore a good idea to avoid cuts on YouTube is to try to find a balance in quality.

Use Official Browsers or Applications

Of course, the browsers and applications that we are using to watch videos on YouTube have to be official. Sometimes it is true that we can find applications that can offer different functions. However, these applications are not official, and the quality of the service is not the same.

Watching YouTube from third-party applications may mean that the videos are cut. It may not offer the same guarantees as if we use the official application. Something similar must be taken into account if we play videos directly from the browser. We must use a guarantee browser, which is updated and fluid.

Use Wi-Fi Correctly

Nowadays, most of the connections are through wireless networks. Wi-Fi is very important to navigate from mobile devices. However, we do not always use Wi-Fi correctly, and this can cause a malfunction of the Internet connection that results in cuts when watching videos on YouTube.

Our advice is to choose the band to which we connect correctly. We already know that we have the possibility to use the 2.4 GHz band and also the 5 GHz band. The first is better to connect away from the router when there are obstacles or walls. On the contrary, the 5 GHz band is better to obtain the maximum speed whenever we are close to the router.

Maintain Security

To avoid cuts when watching YouTube videos, it will also be necessary to maintain the security of the devices. It will be vital to prevent the entry of malware that could compromise the proper functioning of the systems.

The fact that our computer or mobile phone has viruses can weigh down the quality of the connection. Therefore our advice is to use security tools. A good antivirus can help protect the system from threat entry. We have a wide range of possibilities in this regard.

Have Updated Systems

In the same way, it is also very important to keep the devices and systems updated. On the other hand, it will be important to have news and performance improvements. This way, we can enjoy more guarantees to navigate at a good speed and use suitable programs.

It will also be necessary to have the systems updated for security. Many problems can arise. Sometimes vulnerabilities happen that can put the security of the systems at risk. Hackers could make use of those security flaws to carry out their attacks. Therefore it is also necessary to have the latest security patches installed.

In short, these are some basic tips for YouTube videos to work properly. A series of recommendations to ensure that youtube videos are not cut when we go to play them on both mobile devices and desktops.

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