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How to Properly Analyze Your AWS Costs
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How to Properly Analyze Your AWS Costs

How to Properly Analyze Your AWS Costs? – When it comes to running a business there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important things that can make a brand competitive is its online presence. With the rise of the modern age and the advancements that technology has afforded, the digital world has become paramount to success. Even when it comes to aspects of marketing, the internet has created a consumer that has never existed in the history of mankind. People now have more access to information, brands, and options for any goods or services they could want than ever before.

While there are a lot of factors that go into making a brand competitive and winning over customers, an online presence is one of the most important. One of the ways that businesses can achieve this, whether it’s running their web services, or creating and launching apps, is through AWS.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is one of the largest and most used cloud platforms in the world. This web service has over 200 full functional features to offer developers and is used by a variety of different clients. New, fast-growing startups and established enterprise-sized companies alike use AWS to see their vision come to reality.

There are a lot of reasons why this web service, in particular, is so popular and so well loved. For starters, it’s a massive web service and has a rich catalog of features. On top of the most important core features like data analysis, computing power, and data storage, there are tools in new technologies that companies can take advantage of, like artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s not only one of the largest web services on the market but it is also one of the most secure. There is even the advantage of the ecosystem in using AWS as there is a wide variety of Amazon-designed and AWS-friendly tools on the market, like Amazon ECS.

Is AWS Affordable?

One of the biggest reasons that AWS has such a variety of users from startups that launched yesterday to established enterprise-sized companies, is the fact that it doesn’t employ a tier-based pricing system. Instead, runs a pay-as-you-use style billing system that only charges you for what you actually utilize. This works just like utilities, paying for electricity or water. This allows smaller businesses to capitalize on only paying for what is absolutely necessary.

However, just like with utilities, there is a responsibility to keep tabs on consumption. In the middle of the winter, if a window is left open, the heating bill is going to run up. Comparatively, if the windows are shut and the house has good insulation, the heating bill would be drastically less. In the same way, AWS costs need to be monitored closely, because they can quickly get out of hand.

To a degree, this comes down to the nature of the digital world. Creating websites, and applications, and launching them into the market is not an easy thing to do. Data aggregation and analysis, utilizing lake houses and warehouses, all require skill and knowledge to do well. There are always going to be ways that if not checked carefully, a process could be pulling unnecessarily from AWS and running up the ‘bill’.

This is why AWS cost monitoring is so important. It allows businesses to have insight into their consumption to ensure that they don’t run over budget. Unfortunately, however, it’s not always as easy as just checking to make sure the proverbial doors and windows are closed. Amazon’s native AWS cost explorer will give a detailed report of energy consumption, however, the problem lies in accessibility. Often times these reports are extremely technical and can be challenging for non-technical employees to understand.

The Proper Analysis – Should Be Simple

When it comes down to it, the proper way to analyze your AWS costs should be simple. This is because both your technical as well as non-technical employees are vital to your company’s success, and allowing department heads to see in-depth, digestible reports on AWS costs can help to formulate more effective means of savings.

By helping your entire team understand the complexities of an AWS cost explorer report without losing any of the deep analytical insight, you bring more minds to the table when it comes to solutions. Things like daily averages, weekly averages, and even monthly averages shouldn’t be something that takes one of your engineers to understand and communicate. With reports that can be easily accessed by department heads, and emailed in PDF format for easy sharing, finding cost-effective ways to run your AWS will never be more attainable.


Using a platform like AWS is a necessity in today’s market. Finding ways to ensure that you don’t run over budget in your AWS costs is imperative to helping your company reach success, and shouldn’t be overly complicated.

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