Business owners to carry a pistol at work – Have you ever considered carrying a pistol while you run your business? If you’ve wondered if you should, but haven’t made up your mind, this article will help.

First, it’s important to know there are different ways you can arm yourself at work. You can carry a gun on your person, or you can have it available nearby. State law will determine what you can and cannot do.

While you’ll need a concealed carry license to carry a hidden pistol, you might be able to open carry if you live in a state that makes that legal. However, some states don’t regulate concealing long guns, like rifles and shotguns.

Some pistols are expensive, but there are affordable options. For instance, many 9mm handguns available through Primary Arms are in the $300 to $400 price range. This makes self-defense affordable for just about everyone.

Here’s why you should consider carrying a firearm at work for protection.

1. Ideal Protection Against Armed Robbers

There’s really no better way to protect yourself from an armed robber than with your own firearm. Unless you’re a martial arts master with absolute confidence, you don’t stand a chance fighting a criminal with a gun. Even if you are a martial arts master, if there’s a barrier (like a counter) between you and the criminal, you can’t expect to be effective.

In Richardson, Texas, a group of armed men robbed a gun store. They put a gun to the owner’s head and forced him to the ground behind the counter. While the robbers cleared out a case of guns, the store owner faked having a heart attack, giving him enough time to grab a gun and shoot one of the robbers.

Hopefully, you never have to pull the trigger in a situation, but if you’re ever confronted with an armed robber, a handgun will provide ideal protection.

2. You can’t Rely on other People

 When confronted with a life-threatening situation, you can’t rely on other people to save you. Sometimes an armed citizen in a business stops a criminal threatening someone with a gun, but that’s rare. You can push a panic button, but the criminal will be long gone by the time anyone arrives. Calling 9-1-1 is essential, but the authorities don’t usually arrive until it’s too late.

Relying on 9-1-1 or a panic button is a gamble when an armed criminal can pull the trigger at any moment. When you have a pistol, you can immediately respond to a threat against your life or the lives of your employees and customers.

3. You won’t be afraid to be alone

Do you ever work by yourself late at night? No matter how big and strong you are, working alone at night can be scary. Being alone, no matter who you are, makes you more vulnerable.

When you’re armed, you won’t be as vulnerable, and you won’t be defenseless. You’ll have the protection you need to feel secure as you work a late-night shift.

4. Your Business is in a Bad Part of Town

If your business is in a bad part of town with frequent robberies or shootings, then arming yourself is a good idea. You don’t want to be caught up in a situation where you only wish you had bought a firearm.

Running a business in a high-crime area makes you more likely to become the victim of an armed robbery or another type of crime. The best way to protect yourself, your customers, and your employees is by carrying a pistol.

You don’t have to Allow your Employees to Carry

When you’re the business owner, you decide whether or not firearms are allowed in your business. You can prohibit employees from possessing firearms inside the building and still carry your pistol. However, depending on the nature of the job and your location, you may want to consider allowing employees to conceal carry as well.

Carrying a Pistol will help you Protect your Business

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be unarmed in a fight with an armed criminal. Many experts say it’s safer to comply with a criminal’s demands, and that makes sense. However, some criminals shoot people even when they comply.

 Only you can decide what to do in the moment based on the circumstances. When you carry a pistol, you’ll be ready to respond to those rare, but serious threats.