Magento is defined as “Best Ecommerce Platform” by Gartner during several years in a row. To date, more than 260 stores operate on its basis. Entrepreneurs trust Magento with their business. And in fact, this can be considered their best solution. The market segment has reached almost 30% and this is far from the limit. This platform is a profitable investment in the enterprise. Those who have not yet decided to take such a step are wondering about the pros of Magento usage and why switch to this platform type of e-commerce at all? You can learn more about the platform on the Dinarys webpage, and we will now try to answer the above questions.

What is Magento?

On the way to analyze Magento, we need to start with the concept and its functions. It is an open-source e-commerce platform. Every owner of an e-store is able to get it and take advantage of all related characteristics. Also, the site is often defined as the most workable in terms of the shopping basket, with which you can manage the appearance, functions and shop content.

Magento is a multifunctional base that contains a wide range of tools. With their help, you can customize the design and serviceability of the shop, which gives opportunity to create original digital shopping sites.

Who is Magento eCommerce for?

The place is popular among small and large ecommerce business holders. On the network you can find hundreds and thousands of sites that are created on its basis. To be specific, here is a list of well-known brands that are included in this number:

  • Lenovo;
  • Nike;
  • Samsung;
  • Nestle;
  • Ford;
  • Visio;
  • Olympus;
  • Christian Louboutin.

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TOP 10 advantages of using Magento

Choosing a reliable and efficient eCom site is a challenge faced by many online business owners. To understand if Magento is right for you, you are able to explore its advantages and capabilities, they are the following:

  1. Open Source – the platform offers open, publicly available source code. This is perhaps the most impressive plus of the site. The high speed of installation is another good moment. In addition, this process does not require additional special technical tools.
  2. Availability of community and technical support. This is convenient, because you can get help urgently at any time and quickly solve your problem.
  3. eCom orientation. The platform is developed for digital business and was made up to help the owners of digital stores.
  4. Excellent scalability. A tool that can improve the quality and speed of work.
  5. High performance. It does not affect whether the case concerns a large or small store.
  6. You can manage several online stores at once.
  7. Convenience and customization options. With their help, you can create unique showcases.
  8. Simple integrations. This makes the procedure of including new options to the store much uncomplicated and accessible.
  9. SEO optimization. The platform has many properties that are focused on SEO.
  10. Maintenance for portable devices. The offer is accessible for Magento Enterprise and Magento Community versions.

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