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Who are Enterprise Developers?
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Who are Enterprise Developers?

Who are Enterprise Developers? – Nothing stands still, everything develops. So a new class of workers has emerged among developers called corporate developers. But who are they?

Enterprise developers are developers who have new skills to help an enterprise transition into a new era of post-digital industrialization. Custom enterprise software development, that’s what they do. This provides an opportunity for corporations to update their offerings and convey new values ​​to customers.

This is exactly what corporate software developers do. But who are these people? What do they do, and most importantly, what is their difference from a regular software developer? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and explain the importance of this profession.

What is the day-to-day job of a corporate software developer?

  • The daily work of any employee consists of many tasks. Likewise, the daily work of a corporate software developer consists of certain tasks. Most often they do what is called “full-stack development”.
  • An enterprise developer spends more than a quarter of his working time on tasks other than programming.
  • A third of enterprise software developers say that 25 percent of their time is spent writing and testing code.
  • Interestingly, about eighty percent of the developers surveyed already have experience developing consumer-oriented applications.
  • Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and SQL are the most popular programming languages ​​among the majority of respondents. This suggests that this is the main challenge facing a client company when hiring an enterprise developer for a specific skill set.
  • When choosing an operating system, four out of five enterprise software developers will choose Windows or Mac. Prioritized by Windows. One in four corporate developers work with Linux, and only four percent of all surveyed developers will only work with the Linux operating system.
  • Very rare are corporate developers who specialize exclusively in developing software for mobile platforms (iOS or Android).
  • Nearly all the corporate developers surveyed work for companies with fewer than a hundred employees.

Lack of sufficient investment in corporate developers

We are confident that the demand for employees such as corporate developers will only grow in the near future. And their role in the restructuring of the organizations in which they work will also grow. But unfortunately, today we are seeing a virtual lack of investment in the development and support of corporate developers.

In this era of digital industrialization and a catastrophic shortage of talented developers, only those companies that make it a priority to continually invest in their own developer community succeed. Perhaps even risking, but motivating them to work using all possible modern technologies and tools.

The main motivation for developers is the ability to create something completely new and impressive. To then put it into the environment and get users to use it quickly and consistently. That’s what matters most in an enterprise developer.

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