troubleshoot your vehicle’s automatic transmission system – Whether yours is a used car or one that you have owned for quite some time, it is bound to have a problem with its automatic transmission system. There is no doubt that the situation can be stressful or frustrating. However, knowing how you can troubleshoot the automatic transmission of your vehicle can help you ensure the problem is fixed quickly before it develops into something more serious or requires replacing the entire system. In this article, we tell you how to troubleshoot your Mercedes automatikgetriebe like a pro.

Why It’s Important to Identify Issues?

Knowing the symptoms of a given transmission issue enables you to avoid wasting money and time getting incorrect things fixed. Nowhere is early detection more important than in automatic transmission. If left unattended, it can cost more than replacing your car’s engine. Read this article to learn about diagnosing your transmission issues and how you can solve the problems.


No one understands your vehicle better than you. You are the one who knows how it operates and therefore should be the first one to tell of any strange issues. These often include strange noises, weird smells, leaks, excessive heat, and strange driving issues of your car. Before you bring your vehicle to a mechanic, try identifying what the problem might be. Examine it for leaks, gear slipping, or if there is a shift between the gears.

Pay Keen Attention to Warning Lights

More often than not, transmission issues will make the Check Engine light to start blinking. This seems to be a more common problem in the case of an automatic transmission system. The presence of a warning light on your dashboard could mean that there is a problem with your car’s transmission system. That means you need to bring your car to us to have it diagnosed by our professional transmission specialists. At the very least, we will find out what’s causing the problem, even if it’s not transmission-related.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

Most issues to do with a car’s transmission are caused by low fluid levels. Checking the fluid levels of your vehicle and its condition is of critical importance. In case you find out that the fluid level has gone down, you need to add more fluid. Make sure that it’s the correct type of fuel as recommended by your owner’s manual. Black or burnt transmission fluid points to contaminated fluid. If that’s the case, you may need to have it replaced as well as the filter. The following chart should show you how healthy your transmission fluid is:

New ██ — Good/Ok ██ — You need to Change ██ — Burned/Ineffective ██



Transmission fluid may not be the problem all the time, and if you have verified that the issue could be somewhere else, you should next check the On-Board codes of your computer. When you bring your vehicle to us, we will check for you the OBD codes for free. You may also want to check with certain auto parts shops that offer scans for free. Another option is to buy an OBD scanner that lets you check these codes by yourself. The codes often show a lot about what’s the issue with your Mercedes automatic transmission.

Consult the website or a repair manual

In case there are no codes that come up, or there is no solution for the code, the next thing you want to check is the vehicle’s website or a repair manual. Repair manuals often show in great detail the information about your car as well as the way to fix them. But some websites will demand that you pay before you can get this information. If you want free info, you can always check with some auto repair websites. Another alternative is to pop a question in a popular mechanic forum.


If you are keen, you should easily notice that your car has transmission problems while driving. Therefore, next time you hit the road, pay keen, particularly while shifting gears. Your car should shift gears smoothly and easily. In case there are sudden jolts, very high revolutions per minute when you shift, or vibrations, your car could have transmission problems. If it cannot shift from one gear you select to another, you will need to get a professional to diagnose the transmission or repair it.

Transmission is a complex system that you rarely have any clue about. It’s recommended that you take your car to your auto transmission mechanic to check and repair the problem. Even a fluid change should be done by a professional.


Did you know that your brake pedal can also be used to show you if there is a problem with the transmission system of your car? You only need to hold the brake pedal down using one foot while simultaneously stepping on the gas pedal with your other foot to rev up the engine. Ensure the parking brake is switched on all the while, and only rev the car for a few seconds. You want to see if the car will try moving if you rev up the engine by pressing on the gas.

If the engine does not rev up or cannot remain revved up for long, there may be transmission problems.


It’s possible that, after trying all the above troubleshooting steps, your problem still remains unsolved. In that case, you need to take your car to a specialist transmission mechanic to diagnose the vehicle for you. Some issues are better checked by an experienced transmission mechanic.

At ATT24, we specialize in Mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur. We have solved countless problems to do with the transmission. This means we will quickly find out the issue that’s causing your transmission failure. We use the latest computer diagnostics equipment and systems to give an accurate diagnosis of your problem and ensure it is solved in the shortest time possible. Just call us and we’ll come and pick your car for you for free. Also, as your car is being fixed, we will give you a rental car for free so your operations are not hampered. Call us today and speak with our customer service ninjas on how we can be of help to you.