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User Interaction: Learning How Visitors Use Your Site

User Interaction: Learning How Visitors Use Your Site

User Interaction – Of the more than 1.5 billion websites on the World Wide Web, only 200 million are active. If your website happens to be among the 200 million, you understand that it takes a lot of effort to keep your site afloat. Apart from the occasional updates, backups, you also need to understand how your visitors use and interact with your site.

User interaction and usability are instrumental to your website’s success. To have a thriving website, you need to cultivate maximum engagement and encourage appropriate feedback for even further improvement. That way, you can streamline user experience, increase your site traffic and increase profitability for eCommerce sites.

What’s more, better website interaction allows you to collect valuable data from your users. You can then use the data in crafting business strategies and decision-making processes. With so many benefits of improved user interaction, the million-dollar question becomes, how do users interact with your website?

Improving user interaction may be a tad challenging, especially for new website owners. However, with the right tips, doing so should be a breeze. Keep reading and learn how you can improve your site’s usability and user interaction.

Content Is King

The best and easiest way to increase user engagement is by posting relevant, high quality, and engaging content. It’s the first place to start if improve user engagement is your goal. Content can be anything from blog posts, videos, case studies, and the likes.

However, remember don’t post content on your site just for the sake of it. The content you post must be relevant to the target audience and add value to the reader.

Here a few tips on how to create relevant and quality content for your visitors:

  • Break up your text to make it easier to read
  • Optimize your content for search engines using your preferred SEO techniques
  • Add relevant images and videos to your blog posts and site in general
  • Post content that resonates with your target audience
  • Regularly update your old content with fresh stats, designs, and content

These are just a few ways to create quality content for your visitors. Remember the content must be relevant for it to achieve its desired effect.

Add a Comments Section To Your Blogs and Pages

A comments section is the only way you can know how users feel about your site and its content. You can gain valuable insight on how to improve your website through this comment section. The comments section gives visitors a platform to voice their opinions.

Make sure you go through the comments section occasionally to see what improvements you need to make. Ensure your visitors know the community guidelines and ban offensive language on the comments section; some users may be repulsed by foul language. Let positive feedback boost your morale and learn from the negative ones.

Have Surveys Occasionally

Have you ever surfed the internet then suddenly the website asks you to ask to take a survey? As annoying as these surveys are to you, they are of great help to the website owner.

Surveys give you a better understanding of your website. You can use these surveys to know what works, what doesn’t and what needs improvement. They are especially important for eCommerce sites because they can provide vital answers for crafting your business strategies.

Though surveys are important, don’t coerce your users into taking them; for the best results make these surveys optional.

Monitor You Users’ Site Activity

A great way to know how uses interact with your website is by monitoring their activity directly. You can use tools like Session Replay to do so. Session Replay allows you to record users as they interact with your website and apps.

Session Replay can be very useful if you have a team to analyze the recordings, but what if you don’t? Thankfully, you don’t need an entire team to leverage Session Replay and similar software to your advantage. You can still get valuable insight into user activity by looking at a few recordings every day.

You can visit sites like to learn how to use Session Replay. Remember, it might take some time to get the hang of things, but it’s worth it. You just need a little patience, and you’ll be good to go.

Turn Off Video Autoplay

It’s okay to want to show your customers all your latest developments, events and activities through video as long as you make t optional. Imagine visiting a website while in the library or park, and your laptop starts blaring because the site’s videos are on autoplay. Pretty embarrassing, right?

Autoplay on videos is a huge turn off to visitors and only increases your bounce rate. That’s why it’s a good idea always to have autoplay off. That way, your users can choose whether they want to watch the video in question and adjust the volume accordingly.

If you do so, you’re likely to facilitate better user interaction and decrease your bounce rate. However, make sure the videos in question are relevant, and the titles capture the users’ attention.

Add a Chat Function

Chat functions are the latest website craze, and they do wonders for your user interaction. A chat function is the easiest and most direct way to interact with your users. Live chat allows you to engage with your visitors and even turn them into customers.

Instead of having to send lengthy emails, users can voice their concerns via the chat function. If you don’t have an available representative, then you can let a chatbot do the talking. However, it’s best to have your users speak to a customer service rep for the greatest effect.

Don’t Overlook User Interaction

Overlooking user interaction is unwise for all kinds of websites, but especially for eCommerce sites. However, with the above tips, you should be all set to enhance how your customers interact with the site. Enhancing customer engagement will go a long way in increasing your site traffic and improving user experience.

For more informative pieces, be sure to check out the other posts on the site.

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