Tech Tips to Help you Study for the Bar Exam (and Practically any Other Exam)

Tech Tips to Help you Study for the Bar Exam – Technology, along with tons of tools that make the learning process easier, brings lots of distractions as well. Online bar prep courses get interfered with binge-watching Netflix, electronic flashcards mix with Instagram feed.

Choosing the best BAR prep course is crucial to your success on the bar exam. But without the ability to focus on your study, it’s impossible to achieve anything.

When you’re strained out and have been studying for weeks or months, the temptation to put down your study materials and turn to a time waster is increasing.

Tips mentioned in this article or post will help you stay focused and motivated while studying for the bar exam.

Get focused using the Pomodoro technique

The main idea of the Pomodoro technique is to establish work periods, with intermittent short breaks, typically 25 minutes work, following by a 5-minutes break

You could use a mechanical timer or install an extension: Marinara for google chrome or tomato click for Firefox.

Speed it up with video speed control extension

Speeding up videos helps to cover the material faster, saving precious time for practice problems.

Sometimes the situation is the opposite, and you wish the lecturer spoke slower so you could catch the material better.

Try out the video speed controller extension, that speeds up or slows down any HTML5. For Google Chrome there is a free of charge extension Video Speed Controller. But it’s possible to find similar extensions for other browsers as well (Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Avoid distractions with a website blocker

If you feel like you’re spending way too much time surfing the web instead of focusing on your prep, a website blocker can block access to all websites except those needed for studying. You will also be asked to set the timer, for how much time do you want these websites to stay blocked. This extension is particularly great in helping you realize how many times per day you open social media and other websites, without even thinking about it, like an automatic action second right after you felt bored.

For Google Chrome there are StayFocusd and Block Site extensions.

Reduce eye strain and get better sleep with a blue light filter.

Tablet, Computer, and phone screens emit a Blue light, that your devices emit, interferes with melatonin production, making it harder for you to fall asleep and get quality night rest.

Mac has a night shift mode, for windows you can download a blue light filter like free tool f.lux.

But even with blue light filters, your laptop and phone can still cause eye strain. For avoiding that problem, take short regular breaks away from your screens, and minimize time spent in front of the screen at night.

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